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Crestron Pyng: Is Your Luxury Easy to Use?

Crestron Pyng: Is Your Luxury Easy to Use?

A Smarter, Easier Way to Access the Power of Crestron Home Automation

Crestron began in the 1970s as a pioneer in audio/video control systems. Today the company is synonymous with home and commercial control and automation, managing complex systems in homes, offices, and boardrooms worldwide. 

As a longtime certified Crestron dealer in Pleasanton serving the San Francisco Bay area, we have always recommended and implemented Creston systems for the most sophisticated applications. But in some cases – typically in less complex installations - some potential customers were deterred by the expense of the proprietary control hardware and the complexity of programming the automation. 

Crestron understood this and introduced a new system called Pyng in 2015. Since then they have continually expanded Pyng into a modern automation ecosystem which works with both Crestron and other manufacturer’s smart devices.  Pyng is much easier to program and install – for integrators like us – and more importantly, much easier for customers like you to use and maintain over time. Read on to learn more.


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Traditional Crestron systems required a Windows laptop and the company’s programming tools. As a Crestron dealer, we are trained in those tools and are experts in their use. However, imagine you needed a small change in a scene, or perhaps wanted to add a new device to your AV system. That required a call to us for some custom programming to update it.  

With Pyng, Crestron has changed all that.  First, Pyng is programmable from an iPad.  The programming is very intuitive and allows us to get a system up and running much faster with less cost.  What’s more, you can now make changes to your system without requiring us to program them. 

For example, say you would like to set up an evening dinner party scene.  You set the lights around the house at your desired levels, start a music playlist on the multi-room audio system at an appropriate volume for your guests, turn the air conditioning to 75F (on a warm summer night in the East Bay), and raise the motorized shades to feature your view of the hills.  You can then capture that set of commands into a scene for repeated use, with no custom programming needed.  And all you need is your iPad. 


Part of the reason Crestron is found in the highest-end homes is the ability of the system to integrate control and automation for many functions. Crestron can automate audio-visual equipment, lighting, smart locks, thermostats, shades, pool controls, and more. Pyng is compatible with previous Crestron controllers and can add its ease of programming to existing installations, too.

The Pyng system also brought the flexibility of easily integrating wireless controls such as keypads for lighting and fan controls and wall mounted touch panels. The heart of the system is the Pyng hub, which can communicate to wireless devices like Yale’s nexTouch smart locks through RF (radio frequency) technology.  The wireless communication – including the ability for the hub to automatically discover devices – makes it easy to expand the system to other smart devices without running wiring. Pyng’s wireless control capabilities also makes integrating smart technology into your home more affordable.

Pyng also added cloud integration, which enables several key benefits.  All your system’s settings are securely backed up, so if a hub fails or loses settings, it can be quickly restored.  It can track all activity on the system, which aids in fixing problems and could also prove important from a security perspective.  And finally, use of the cloud allows for simplified remote access to the system to activate automation sequences and monitor the home from your tablet or smartphone.

You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that Pyng enables this sophisticated automation at a lower price than people have come to expect from a Crestron system.  To learn more, give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.

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