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Where You Should Be Installing Speakers

Where You Should Be Installing Speakers

Hidden Speakers Go With Everything

An intelligently designed home seamlessly incorporates technology into each space, while preserving your unique style. If you’ve thought of adding an audio system to your Houston, TX home, but you were dissuaded by the idea of bulky equipment cluttering up your spaces, consider hidden speakers. Using such technology still allows for opportunities to install an audio system of your choice. If you want full sound without the inconvenience, continue reading as we cover some of the best locations to install hidden speakers.


Who says that television is the only way to unwind before bed? In fact, the light can interrupt your sleep patterns. Consider audio as an alternate relaxation method. You can connect your audio systems to streaming services that include podcasts or audiobooks. When your audio is part of a home automation system, you can make changes right from the smartphone that’s sitting on your nightstand.

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Make your morning routine more enjoyable with audio. We all know the acoustics of a bathroom can improve even the worst dissonance, so imagine what it could do for your favorite artist. Choose a hidden speaker that is also water resistant to prevent the steam from damaging your equipment.

Walk-In Closet

Hidden speakers not only blend in with their surroundings, but they also take up much less space than most traditional speakers. Small areas can now be outfitted with a high-performance audio system. Let’s say you’re getting ready in the morning, and you’re listening to the music that helps you wake up. As you transition from the bedroom to your closet, you don’t have to miss a single note.

Home Office

If you spend a lot of time in your home office, you probably have some form of sound system. Often people use Bluetooth speakers that take up valuable desk space, require constant charging or require stray cords for power. Instead, consider installing hidden speakers in the walls or ceiling. The sound will improve, and you’ll declutter your desk.

The Garage

On the weekend do you spend a lot of time in the garage, maybe working on a passion project or tuning up your car? This could be a great space to install a few speakers. Not only can you easily access all of your streaming services and hear it with full sound, but you can finally retire that dusty CD player you were using.

Trust an audio expert to help you install a system of hidden audio equipment. Contact a local BRAVAS partner today to get started.

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