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What is the Best Way to Use Multi-Room Audio?

What is the Best Way to Use Multi-Room Audio?

Take Advantage of Smart Control of Your Favorite Entertainment

Do you like to host friends and family during the holidays or have music playing while you do chores around your Mission Viejo, CA home? Then you can benefit from installing a multi-room audio system that gives you intuitive control of all your music. With quick access to all your source components and a simple way to broadcast them throughout your home, you can use your audio in a lot of new ways. Read on to find out some of the best uses for a multi-room audio system.  

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Fill Your Entire Home with Sound

Using a dedicated touchpad, smartphone or tablet you can group various rooms together to play music throughout your home. You don't have to individually turn on speakers or sources. At the press of a button, you can have the same song playing throughout your home or a different song in each room. This is a great feature if you're hosting a party or if you simply want music to follow you around the house as you go through your daily routine. 

Wake Up Refreshed Every Morning

Are you tired of waking up to a blaring alarm clock? Instead, you can schedule a particular morning playlist to wake you up every day at 7 a.m. You can also program the volume to gradually increase until you’re finally out of bed. When you’re fully awake, use a touchpad or remote next to your bedside to turn off the music and get your day started.

Give Your Music Some Fresh Air

One of the benefits of a multi-room audio system is that it lets you store AV equipment in a dedicated closet, then transfer the signal to your speakers via matrix switchers. This is especially useful when you want to listen to music outdoors. Take advantage of weather-resistant speakers while keeping vulnerable equipment indoors.

Let Everyone Enjoy Their Favorites

Every member of your family can have their own profile within the system. This way their favorite playlists, albums, and sources are easy to find. While you might enjoy hanging back with your vintage turntable, your kids may want to stream the latest Beyoncé album on Tidal. The system is also designed to have distinct audio zones, so family members can listen to different music throughout the home without interrupting each other. 

Know as Soon as Guests Arrive

The benefits of your system aren’t just limited to listening to music. If you link it to your security system, you can be notified immediately when someone is at your gate or front door. Have an alarm or ringtone play through all your in-ceiling and in-wall speakers so you can respond quickly whenever guests arrive.

Want to learn more about the ways your California home can benefit from multi-room audio? Feel free to reach out to a local BRAVAS partner. 

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