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What Are You Doing to Strengthen Your Network Security?

What Are You Doing to Strengthen Your Network Security?

Protect Your Home from Dangerous Cyber Attacks

With more connected devices linked to your home Wi-Fi network every day, it's important that you take the right precautions to protect it. A recent study by Yokohama National University found that 1.3 million internet-connected devices were infected with computer viruses. Smart cameras, thermostats and TVs, among others, each pose their own unique threats. One vulnerable component could result in a threat to your entire network. As you read on, make sure you're taking all these steps to protect your Minneapolis, MN home. 

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Invest in a Secure Router

Network security begins with your router. There are a variety of router settings you can change to protect your system and smart devices. The first step, however, is making sure you have a router that has all the necessary tools. Invest in ones that comes with automatic firewall settings and makes it easy for you to create dedicated VLANS.

Dedicated Wi-Fi Networks

VLANS are subnetworks within your home Wi-Fi network that serve two primary purposes. The first one is to increase your connection speeds by dividing your traffic according to its type. VLANS also offer a significant security purpose. If a smart device is compromised, it will only affect its particular VLAN, not your entire home network.

Change Default Settings

One of the easiest ways to secure your network is to get rid of default settings. Start by changing the network name and password. These are easier for hackers to find and infiltrate. For example, if your network name is linksys348, they'll know they're dealing with a Linksys router. It's also important to check that your router setting is set to WPA2 encryption. A professional installer can help you with this more technical aspect of the setup.

Research Smart Devices

Each node in your network is another potential entryway to your home. For this reason, you need to research devices thoroughly before purchasing them. When buying a smart thermostat, camera or automation hub, look into the security features they offer. One of the local BRAVAS partners can help you find the safest smart devices for your home.

Download the Latest Software

Make sure that all of your routers, access points, and connected devices automatically download software upgrades. Often these upgrades are created specifically to address security holes. Bolster your network’s security by investing in a remote monitoring service. You can have a professional monitor your router and smart devices remotely to make sure they’re functioning properly and up-to-date. With remote monitoring services, issues can be detected and resolved before the user even knows there is an issue.

Invest in a Professional Installation

The best way to get a truly secure home network is to work with a professional. Aside from properly implementing the steps outlined above, they can create a sound foundation of encryptions and firewalls to make sure your network is as secure as it is reliable.

Depending on the number of connected devices you own and the size of your home, a local BRAVAS partner can design a custom security solution that best protects your network. 

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