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Watches That Add Timeless Style to Your 2019 Look

Watches That Add Timeless Style to Your 2019 Look

The Latest, Greatest Watches for Classic Sophistication

It all started with a little rebellion. In the 1540s, Protestant reformer John Calvin rose to power as the head of the church in Geneva. During that time, he banned wearing jewelry throughout Switzerland. It would be one of his most significant acts, though he may not have known it at the time.

That’s because Swiss jewelers weren’t going out quietly. Instead, they learned how to make watches.

The first watches were a kind of spherical pendant -- a stylish and practical addition to your wardrobe. Roughly a century and a half (and a few major technological developments) later, England’s Charles II popularized the waistcoat. To keep up, pendants were flattened and rounded out. Thus, the pocket watch was born.

A few more centuries and one World War later, and the watch migrated to the wrist. What began a bit of a joke (a bracelet that tells time?) was transformed by military pragmatism into an indispensable part of men’s fashion.

Today, wristwatches can do a lot more than just keep track of time. They can make phone calls and control your smart home. They can connect you to a world that’s always online.

But there’s something to be said for a classic timepiece. Here, we’ll show you some of our favorite watch designs to help start your New Year with a timeless look.

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Bovet Récital 22 Grand Récital

Winner of the coveted Aiguille d’Or at this year’s Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, Bovet’s Récital 22 Grand Récital is a complex piece of machinery.

In other words, this watch won “Best Picture” at the international Oscars-of-watchmaking.

The “22” sports a stellar face -- literally. Featuring an overhead view of the Earth from above Bovet’s headquarters, a 3D moon rotating around it, and a tourbillion designed to look like the Sun, the watch makes a bold statement on any arm.

With cases available in red gold and platinum, wearers can also enjoy a perpetual calendar on the rear side. Available as part of a limited run, wearers can order it directly from Bovet.

Seiko Prospex 1,000-Meter Limited Edition

The spirit of the 1960s lies in exploration. Some looked toward the stars, while others looked inward. So it’s no surprise that the same excitement and interest in discovering something new helped make a different kind of wristwatch so popular -- the dive watch.

The next decade, Seiko hit the high seas with the world’s first quartz saturation divers watch. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of their prestigious, high-end device, they’ve unveiled an upgraded version for the modern outdoorsman.

Featuring a zirconia ceramic outer case (seven times harder than steel), double layer construction, Seiko’s innovative, helium resistant L-shaped gasket, and Able to withstand pressures of up to 3300 feet, the Prospex 1,000-Meter Limited Edition is perfect for both scuba divers and landlubbers who want to look the part.

Blancpain Bathyscaphe Day Date 70

Splitting the difference between the ultra high-end “22” and the more practical Prospex is the Bathyscaphe Day Date 70, another diver that does more than just look good.

As part of Blancpain’s promise to help preserve the oceans, they’ve unveiled a limited run of “Ocean Commitment” watches. For each of the 250 special watches they sell, they’ll donate a significant amount of money to ocean preservation.

And, obviously, an investment in a Blancpain is a good one, regardless of the cause. For over 40 years their Fifty Fathoms line has offered stylish design and practical applications. The modern Bathyscaphe provides a retro, sophisticated look.


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