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Visible vs. Hidden Speakers: Which is Right for Your Home?

Visible vs. Hidden Speakers: Which is Right for Your Home?

Choose the Audio Design that Makes Sense for You

The ability to fill your home with music is a common feature of luxury homes, and yet there are many different avenues to achieve the goal of high-performance audio. One big decision that homeowners in the Baltimore, Maryland area must face is whether to invest in hidden speakers or opt for less discrete audio options. Below, we cover the key differences and advantages to each option.

Visible Speakers

A common misconception about visible speakers is that they will dominate the design of each space, distracting from its overall appearance. However, many speakers are a subtle addition to your home – you’ll hardly notice their presence on the bookcase or next to the television. If the answer to that question is yes, then hidden speakers are the right choice for you. And you should consider the main advantage that visible speakers have to offer: slightly higher quality of sound.

Visible speakers typically come in two styles. The first is a style that is meant to still blend into your décor and stay unobtrusive, even if they aren’t 100% invisible. These speakers can come in a variety of colors and are typically fairly small. The second style is a large, imposing speaker that is intended to be seen and admired by all. Often these designer speakers fit into a room as a type of sculpture—a work of art that draws the eye to your high-performance audio.

Hidden Speakers

Interior design-savvy homeowners love hidden speakers, and with good reason. You get to enjoy music in every area of your home without having to deal with cords, devices, or remotes. You never have to compromise or adjust your design to accommodate a clunky piece of equipment. Instead, each area can have a smooth, seamless look.

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The biggest concern with invisible speakers is that the sound will be muffled or low-quality, but that idea is outdated. Modern speakers from high-end brands have advanced technology that accommodates the acoustic requirements of in-wall or in-ceiling positioning. Even more importantly, these audio manufacturers have developed acoustically transparent coverings that allow you to hide the speakers completely without affecting the quality of the sound. While the audio quality is not quite as strong as visible speakers, these in-ceiling and in-wall speakers will still sound amazing.

One article can’t encompass all of the different aspects that go into designing the ideal audio system for unique homes, but you can take advantage of an audio expert’s in-depth knowledge by contacting your a BRAVAS partner.

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