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Use Hidden Speakers to Refine Your Home Theater

Use Hidden Speakers to Refine Your Home Theater

Impress Guests With a Theater that Looks and Sounds Great

As you begin to design your home’s new theater, there are numerous important decisions to be made. The focus should always be on creating the ideal cinematic environment--which means paying particular attention to the audio. The music and sound effects can greatly affect the movie watching experience, and a good audio system will take your theater to the next level. However, your theater is still a part of your home, and you probably want it to remain consistent with the rest of your decor. Some, more obvious speakers may distract from the room’s other design elements. One way to achieve a great sounding cinema experience without sacrificing style is through the use of hidden speakers. To learn more about creating a functional and attractive home theater, read on.

How to Hide Your Speakers

Choosing the right audio system for your home theater may require some consultation with an integrator or if you have the opportunity to visit a showroom and sound-test them for yourself, you’ll be able to hear the difference. Additionally, a home technology specialist will be able to determine the acoustic layout that would work best for your room and overall theater design. Here are a few of types of hidden speakers you can choose from:

  • In-wall Speakers: These speakers are installed right into your drywall and lie flush with the surrounding area. When you paint over them, they fit right in with the rest of your design; you would have no idea they were there if not for the great sound they emit. These speakers will require an installation period so you will need to factor that in with the rest of your home theater process.
  • In-ceiling Speakers: Overhead and out of sight, in-ceiling speakers won’t distract from the rest of your design. When your speakers are above the audience’s ears, you should pay special attention to the sound dispersion of the speakers. You want to make sure sound is emitting at a wide degree, so everyone has the same, full audio experience.
  • Speaker Cabinets: Adding built-in speaker cabinets to your home theater is another way of maintaining design and great sound. Perhaps you plan on adding columns or cabinets for a more dynamic theater space; this is the perfect place to hide a speaker. These design features can make the screen a focal point while providing great sound.

Whether you choose one of these options or mix and match all three, the important thing is that the sound quality and the design of the room are never compromised.

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Accessorizing Your Sound

The sound quality of your theater can be affected by numerous factors from the shape of the room to the chairs you select. To create a high-performce audio system for your home theater, you will also need to take these incidentals into consideration. The acoustics of the room are one place to start. Work with a home technology specialist to install acoustic panels that will keep the outside noise out and allow your audio system to shine. You can also keep these acoustic panels hidden, or choose a design that works with your style. Next, work with your technology professional while looking for flooring and seating options. You can provide your style opinion, and your integrator can keep sound quality front of mind.

Hidden speakers allow you to create great sound while maintaining your personal style. Contact a local BRAVAS partner today to let us help make your home theater look and sound its best.

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