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Present Artwork at Its Best with Home Lighting Automation

Present Artwork at Its Best with Home Lighting Automation

Four Lighting Technologies that Can Enhance Art

Levels and types of lighting can make a big impact on how artwork is perceived. Dali, Warhol, Van Gogh…whatever style of art is on display in your Indianapolis, IN home, it makes sense to show it off with the best lighting possible. The lights that illuminate your priceless artwork should do more than just turn on at the flip of a switch. Easily present your artwork at the right time and lighting levels with the home lighting automation technologies covered in this article.

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An effective form of energy management, sensors allow you to put your artwork on display only when people are there to view it. As soon as someone enters a room in your home, sensors detect the presence and activate all the lights or specific lights, depending on your needs. Sensors also make it easy to adjust the lighting levels depending on how much natural sunlight is available in the room at any given time.


Using timers, you can define the times you want your artwork to be on display. There’s no need to have the spotlights on 24x7. Instead, choose the times that make sense for your lifestyle and schedule. At the designated time, your lights come on automatically. Without any extra effort on your part, your home’s artwork and décor will always be well lit whenever you want them to be.


Adjust the lights throughout your home to just the right level for each occasion. During the day, when natural sunlight is plentiful, the overhead lights dim so that your artwork isn’t washed out by too much brightness. As the sun sets and the room darkens, the lighting automatically brightens so that you always have enough light to see your décor clearly.

Dimmers are also incredibly useful because they allow you to set the lighting level for each painting type. Acrylic paintings don’t suffer from the lighting glare that plagues glossy artwork, so they can handle brighter, more concentrated spotlights. For oil-based paintings or artwork displayed behind glass, you will need to lower the lights and place them strategically around the art, maintaining a safe distance so that the heat of the light does not crack the oil and angling the lights by 30 degrees to cut down on glare.

Full Control

The three previous technologies on their own can certainly make it easier to highlight the artwork and décor throughout your home, but you don’t have to stop there. A full home control system puts all of those technologies and more at your fingertips.

With a single tap on a tablet or smartphone, you can set lighting scenes for any event, activity, or circumstance. As you leave your home or get ready for bed, all you have to do is touch a button to turn off all the lights in the house. And you don’t have to stop with just home lighting automation—security, audio, video, HVAC, motorized shades, and more can all be controlled by the same intuitive system.

You don’t have to settle for subpar lighting for your home’s artwork. Illuminate your décor with a home lighting automation system from BRAVAS. To learn about our process for designing and installing custom lighting technology, contact us today.

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