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How to Get High-Quality, Invisible Sound in Your Home

How to Get High-Quality, Invisible Sound in Your Home

Enjoy Your Favorite Music Without Sacrificing Your Style

Making room for your favorite entertainment doesn’t have to disrupt your luxury home’s interior décor. Designers have a variety of ways to make your equipment blend in with the rest of your Indianapolis, IN home.

Hidden speakers are one of their most popular tools. Speakers can be flush-mounted in your ceilings and walls, and painted to make them blend seamlessly with the room. You can enjoy your favorite music without having to sacrifice your style or the quality of the sound. Dive deep into our latest learning journal for everything you need to know about hidden speakers.

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Heard, but not Seen

Round, in-ceiling speakers are the most popular type of hidden speakers, as they can be made to resemble light fixtures. New small square format speakers match the square LED light fixtures that have become so popular. The actual speaker cabinet is placed within a niche in the ceiling with only a discrete grill showing. You can then paint the grill to match the color of your ceiling or walls. When it comes to in-wall speakers, where grills can be more challenging to mask, some like to go with completely invisible speakers that are hidden behind a layer of drywall.

Add Flexibility to Your Décor

Knowing that you don’t have to make space for your speakers can also add versatility to your interior design. No need to invest in unwanted cabinets or stands as a place for bookshelf speakers, or to create a space in the corner for floor-standing loudspeakers. Everything, from the equipment to the wiring, stays hidden away so you can eliminate eyesores and tripping hazards.

Enjoy Truly Uniform Sound

Since you don’t have to worry about having enough space for your speakers, you can spread them throughout the room so your audio isn't concentrated in one area. Almost all hidden speakers, especially high-end ones, are wide-dispersion speakers. They don’t send signals in one specific direction but rather cast a wide net to create a more encompassing sound. You can walk from one side of the room to the other without noticing that you’re walking right below a speaker.

Upgrade to a Fuller Sound

For enjoying music as a background to other activities, in-ceiling speakers should be enough. In-wall speakers are better-suited for areas where you will be paying closer attention to sound quality, especially when you’re trying to create a “music in front of you” sound field. And for enjoying movies and concerts in surround sound, you can set the stage in front of you with in-wall speakers, while creating surround sound above and around you with in-ceiling speakers. In-wall speakers are also useful in areas with high ceilings.

Make Sure to Plan Ahead

One of the drawbacks of custom speakers is that, once installed, you can’t simply unplug them and move them to another part of the room or house. For this reason, it’s important that you determine your speaker layout before installation. Your BRAVAS Partner is the ideal expert for helping you plan and install your layout, and can even leave space and cables in your drywall so that you can add more speakers in the future.

Get the best of both worlds with high-fidelity sound that blends seamlessly with your gorgeous décor. Contact your nearest BRAVAS Partner for a free consultation.

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