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How to Find Like-Minded Peers in an Increasingly Social World

How to Find Like-Minded Peers in an Increasingly Social World

Social Networking Guidance for the Luxury Community

If you have avoided the typical networking platforms due to concerns about privacy or constant requests from pandering individuals, you’re not alone. The ultra-wealthy community has been slow to pick up social sites like Facebook and Twitter, with nearly 30% abstaining from social media altogether, according to a study by Spectrum Group. However, there’s no denying that the world has gone social. If you want to increase your sphere of influence or form new relationships, you need to embrace social media. Below, we provide a quick guide on how you can make social networking work to your advantage. 

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Join Exclusive Social Sites

Before Facebook become mainstream, it started out as an exclusive platform for Harvard students. This exclusivity had a lot of benefits—you could easily meet people with similar backgrounds, personalities, and lifestyles. It’s also worth mentioning that in its infancy, Facebook was far less willing to sell user data to the highest bidder. These days, ultra high net worth individuals can get a similar experience with these private sites:


Clade is just one among many new kids on the block of luxury social networks. Developed by Credit Suisse, Clade’s network provides a space for like-minded individuals to make new investment partnerships, join charitable or political endeavors, and pursue cultural growth. Access to the network is by invitation only and is limited to very high net worth individuals.


For travel buffs, ASMALLWORLD helps you make more out of your international travels. The site allows you to network with other wealthy travelers, attend exclusive events around the world, and take advantage of the collective group’s insight into hidden travel gems.

To gain access to the site, you must either be invited or apply for membership. Part of the annual membership fee contributes to the ASMALLWORLD Foundation, which partners with charity:water, Plan International USA, and New Light to improve living conditions around the globe. lacks the same level of exclusivity that other platforms offer, but it does provide a wealth of content catered toward high-end lifestyles and brands. Whether you choose to take part in the “Community” section of the site or not, it’s worth perusing to see if the insights and opinions are in line with your preferences. However,’s privacy policy does reserve the right to hand your data over to third parties, so be wary of listing any identifiable contact information.

Put Regular Social Platforms on Lockdown

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are popular for a reason. Their platforms are easy to navigate and have a lot of great features. However, sticking with a standard profile is practically asking for unsolicited messages and friend requests. A quick Google search reveals dozens of articles on how sales reps can connect to high net worth individuals on social media. I think we can all agree that the goal of social media is not to make yourself available for sales pitches from people we don’t know.

The solution is to make these accounts private and change your settings to only make posts, photos, and contact information available to those you personally know. With privacy settings in place, you can connect with friends and family without being annoyed by random messages.  

This allows you to be a passive participant who is in full control of your social influence. Be selective about which pages you like or people you follow, and then reach out if you wish to foster a relationship. Follow your favorite brands, journalists, or investment news sources, and then enjoy a newsfeed filled with content that’s actually useful and relevant to you.

With a few one-time changes to your account, you can transform Twitter or Facebook into a social platform that has both value and exclusivity.

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