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Hide TVs Using Wall Mounts

Hide TVs Using Wall Mounts

Protect Your Home’s Interior Design with These Installation Tips

With a variety of hidden TV and speaker options available for your Atlanta, GA home, entertainment systems don’t have to be an eyesore. When it comes to your televisions, you can hide them behind artwork, in the ceiling, or in specialty furniture. In this article, we showcase the real stars behind your hidden TVs: lifts and mounts.

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Drop Down TV Lift

In many minimalist homes, TVs that drop down from the ceiling are the most popular hidden TV solutions. The television is placed on a drop-down lift that has a base painted the same color as the ceiling to blend into the surroundings. These lifts have slim designs, so there doesn't have to be a lot of space in the ceiling to install them.

Flip Down TV Lift

The flip-down TV lift operates much in the same way as the drop down version except that the television is placed horizontally within the ceiling and ‘flips’ out when the lift is activated. The back of the mount includes a sheet of drywall that blends into your ceiling. This solution is ideal for homes with lower roofs, where a vertical drop-down mount is not feasible.

Pop Up TV Lifts

Pop up lifts are used to hide televisions within specialty furniture, the foot of the bed, or even the floor. They include a flat panel on top that can be custom-painted to match the floor or furniture. Some companies even sell cabinets with built-in lifts ensuring that the lift perfectly matches. One of the benefits of pop-up lifts compared to their drop-down counterparts is that they can handle more weight—with some mounts capable of carrying up to 220 pounds. You may also want to consider the benefits of other custom home finishes in order to complete the seamless look. 

Moving Panel

You can also cover your hidden TVs with moving panel mounts. These are traditional flat wall mounts covered by panels featuring artwork, photographs or specific colors. Panels can then be designed to move vertically or horizontally to reveal the screen hidden behind them.

Flip/Swivel Mounts

You can also conceal your TV screen through the use of a flip or swivel mount. On one side of the mount, you can have a piece of artwork or a painted panel. When you want to watch a movie or TV show, you can flip it to show your screen.

There are two ways to use these flip mounts. In some cases, they are placed within a crevice on the wall, so the display is only seen when in use. The mount can also be installed on a partition, so the screen is simply facing the other side of the room when it's not being used.

All of these mounts come with RF remotes, so they can also be incorporated into your home automation or AV systems, so TVs appear as soon as a display is turned on. To learn more about which hidden TV solutions make the most sense for your home, contact one of your local BRAVAS partners.

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