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Hide the Speakers, Not the Sound

Hide the Speakers, Not the Sound

Hidden Speakers Blend with Your Home’s Décor

If you’re considering adding a complete audio system to your Cherry Hill, NJ home, don’t let concern over how the speakers will affect your space stop you. If you are working with an interior designer, they will tell you that speakers are best heard and not seen. When you hide your speakers, you preserve the exquisite style of your home’s design without having to sacrifice sound quality. There are many methods to obscure your speakers or make them virtually invisible, read on to learn which method will work best for you and your audio system.

In-Wall Speakers

One of the most popular ways to achieve cohesion between your style and your audio system is to install the speakers into the walls. In-wall speakers are recessed in the sheet rock using a mounting bracket. Then simply have the grates painted the same colors as your walls and no one will know they are there--until you turn them on. A professional installer will run the necessary wires in the walls from an amplifier to each speaker, so you won’t have any pesky visible cords in your home.

To further hide the speakers, consider building them into the ceiling. This way, they will remain out of sight lines. This doesn’t mean they have to be out of your ear line: some speakers are designed to live in your ceiling and therefore project sound downward.

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Invisible Speakers

Like an in-wall system, invisible speakers are placed inside the walls. However, with invisible speakers, there are no grates to paint. Instead, each speaker is plastered over to look exactly like the surrounding walls. Since the speaker lies flush with the wall, there will be no indication on the wall that sound could emit from it. However, you should expect the same sound quality from these invisible speakers as ones you can see.

Acoustic Fabric

Perhaps you aren’t ready to commit to speakers built into your home and want to go the more traditional audio route. There is still a way to keep your sound system hidden, using audio fabric. Easily hide the speakers in custom-made cabinets covered with fabric, and then tuck these away throughout your home. Perhaps you have a dedicated home theater room, and would like to hide the speakers: you can create false walls from the acoustic fabric to cover up the speakers.

Disguise your Speakers

Incorporate products that appear to be one thing but act as speakers. For instance, there are light bulbs that can also serve as Bluetooth speakers. Such solutions may not provide the same quality of sound as the previous options but act as a nice supplement. A professional installer can help you design an audio system that is perfect for your home.

Let your audio system take your guests by surprise. Contact a local BRAVAS partner to explore the right way to hide your speakers.

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