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Everything You Need to Know About Mirror TVs

Everything You Need to Know About Mirror TVs

See How this Hidden Technology Can Boost Your Home’s Décor

Reconciling entertainment and style is a common challenge for interior designers. Even as clients request sleeker styles for their homes, they’re often not willing to do away with their favorite movies and music. This has led to a whole new subsection of AV products dedicated to subtle entertainment solutions from hidden TVs to in-ceiling speakers. One of the best-selling products to come out of this development are mirror TVs. When turned off, they look like a framed mirror decorating your living room or bedroom. When turned on, they offer a dynamic image, allowing you to watch shows, movies and sports. Read on to learn more about how you can use this technology in your Cherry Hill, NJ home.

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What Are the Most Common Applications?

Mirror TVs are common in living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. In family rooms and bedrooms, they're often used for stylistic reasons. Homeowners opt for framed mirror TVs that serve as decoration when the television is off. In the bathroom, it's both a stylistic and practical recourse. You can watch TV without having to introduce new bulky equipment, and since there's already an abundance of mirrors, it's a natural hidden TV strategy.

What Are the Size Options?

Sizes typically range from 19 to 65 inches. The smaller sizes are built into larger bathroom mirrors or used in kitchen applications. The larger sizes are used as part of an entertainment center in a bedroom and media room.

Do They Come With Frames?

You can choose the color of the frame, its finish (wood, metal, etc.) and the size. For decorative applications, we recommend a thick frame to better hide the TV. You can also provide your own custom frame if you do not like those provided by the TV manufacturer.

What Mounts Should Be Used?

To get the full hidden TV effect, you’ll want to use a flat wall mount to hide the areas of the TV behind the mirror. With the TV flush-mounted against the wall, it's easier to maintain the illusion that it's just a mirror without investing in a frame.

Do They Have Built-in Speakers?

Mirror TVs offer the same audio quality as a traditional flat screen television. We recommend adding a soundbar, surround sound, or linking the television to your multi-room audio system to get the highest quality sound.

How Good Is the Image Quality?

Mirror TVs offer the latest 4K Ultra HD technology. Since they are encased in a mirror, they are a little more prone to glare. For that reason, make sure to dim lights and use blackout shades to get the best image quality.

Are Mirror TVs Waterproof?

Most major manufacturers offer mirror TVs specifically designed for bathroom use that can handle the water and humidity associated with that environment. These TVs also come with waterproof remotes that you can use to change the channel and adjust the volume. Don’t assume any TV can operate in a humid or outdoor environment. It greatly reduces the life of the TV and can void the warranty from the manufacturer. Ask your technology consultant about TVs for these specific uses.

To learn more about the various ways you can hide televisions and speakers throughout your home, check out our Learning Journal or reach out to a local BRAVAS partner.

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