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Elevate Your Home with Light

Elevate Your Home with Light

Use Lighting Automation to Enhance Your Home’s Style, Comfort, and Security

You take pride in your San Francisco, CA home. You have created a space for you and your family to feel warm, relaxed, and safe. But there is perhaps one element whose effect on your home experience you may have underestimated: the lighting. In order to maximize the feeling of sanctuary in your home, look to lighting automation. With the aid of a professional’s eye, automated lighting can highlight your home’s already impeccable style, simplify your life, and optimize your security. To learn how, read on. 

Style and Ambiance

You’ve spent time with your interior decorator carefully selecting each piece in your home, from the tufted Chesterfield sofa to the linen drapes. After you’ve taken so much care designing each space, don’t overlook something as important as lighting. With a complete home lighting automation solution, the lightscape throughout your house will mesh perfectly with the décor. Highlight a favorite painting without saying a word, letting light be your gesture. Each room in your home can have a custom lighting experience, and you can control it all with a smart device, flush-mounted wall panels, or an elegant remote control. No longer will unseemly light switches take up valuable wall space. Watch how, with the proper lighting, your home’s design will take on a whole new dimension.

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Comfort and Ease

As we grow accustomed to our smart devices, we want everything to work as efficiently and easily as they do. The beauty of lighting automation is that it follows the same principles. Whether you actually sync to your phone or tablet or use a remote control, your interaction with your home lighting will become as user-friendly as possible.

Consider the following scenarios:

  • Say you want to watch a movie with the family, just as you use the remote to start a film, you can just as easily turn down the lights from a seated position.
  • Now let’s say you’re waking up in the morning, allow lighting automation to ease you into the day. You can slowly illuminate your bedroom and bathroom right from your bed. Or even better yet, program the lights to turn on at the same time as your alarm, so all that you have to worry about is getting to that cup of coffee.
  • Finally, make leaving your home for the day quick and easy. Simply program your system how you’d like it to be when you’re at work. Then, when you leave in the morning, all you have to do is click the “Away” button to be assured you didn’t leave on your bedroom light or the garage door open.

From the first day you experience automated lighting, you will feel a marked improvement in your living space’s comfort and ease-of-use.

Safety and Security

One cannot enjoy the full potential of their home if they don’t feel perfectly safe within it. With a home that has automated lighting, you can add another level of security. There are many ways light can help protect you. For one, if you go on vacation, you can simply program your lighting system to act as though you were home: turning off and on in the ways an occupied home would. You can also connect your lighting to your security system, to ensure that your whole home is keeping you safe. If, for instance, the alarm is triggered, outdoor or indoor lights would illuminate dissuading unwanted visitors. In addition, through automated lighting, you can create paths of light leading to and through your house, to shepherd you safely through the dark. With professional lighting automation, you can utilize the power of light to protect you, your family, and your home.

Are you ready to enhance your home’s appeal and safety? Contact the BRAVAS partner nearest you today. 

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