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Does Your Wi-Fi Network Cover Your Entire Property?

Does Your Wi-Fi Network Cover Your Entire Property?

Home Wi-Fi Networking Should Give Reliable Access to Every Space

When it comes to home Wi-Fi networking for large properties, the standard solutions offered by internet service providers throughout New Jersey simply don’t cut it. The ISP-provided routers and setups are designed for average-sized households, and even then, they don’t do a very good job.

A basic router’s range is just 150 feet indoors, so if you’re trying to get a reliable Wi-Fi in rooms beyond that, you’re not going to be happy with the result. The challenge for many homeowners in the Cherry Hill area is finding strong networking solutions for 3,000+ square foot homes (let alone coverage that extends to outdoor areas).

Typical Spaces with Poor Wi-Fi Coverage

There are many areas throughout luxury properties that typically have little or no Wi-Fi coverage:

  • Patio/Veranda: Want to start playing some relaxing music while enjoying the view of your garden? You’ll need to be able to connect to your smart outdoor audio system.
  • Basement/Wine Cellar: Whether you’ve converted your basement into a dedicated home theater or a wine cellar, you’re going to want a reliable connection to the internet. Unfortunately, these underground spaces are notoriously bad at picking up Wi-Fi signals.
  • Atrium/Green House: Any area connected to the outdoors is usually too far away from the router to pick up the Wi-Fi signal.
  • Kitchen: Kitchen appliances such as refrigerators and microwaves make it very difficult for Wi-Fi signals to pass through. If you want to stream your favorite cooking show while you make dinner, you’ll probably want a networking upgrade.
  • Garage: Thick walls such as concrete are also effective at blocking Wi-Fi signals. Combine the typical materials used to create garages with the usual distance from a home office where the router is located, and you’ve got a recipe for poor Wi-Fi coverage.

Why It Matters:

While you may not often use your smartphone for browsing the internet in the garage or wine cellar, having reliable, secure Wi-Fi coverage is important for another reason entirely. Here it is:

Your home network is the key to smart home success.

Many smart devices, such as televisions, sound systems, security systems, thermostats, etc., rely on wireless signals to communicate with you and each other. Even with wired systems, you may need a wireless connection on your phone to control those devices.

If you want to take advantage of the latest innovations in smart home automation, you need a home Wi-Fi networking solution capable of supporting all of those devices at once. So no matter how many TVs you have streaming 4K video or sound systems playing your favorite album, your network will be able to handle it with ease. If you want a sensor on your garage door that activates a smart scene as soon as your car pulls in, you’ll need Wi-Fi.

In short: the right kind of network is essential if you want to make use of smart technology.

Next Steps

The good news is that there are plenty of networking products that can ensure complete, secure coverage of every area of your property. The key is to design a solution that takes into account the layout of your home. That way, anything that could affect Wi-Fi signals, such as a refrigerator, is taken into consideration when developing the networking system.

To schedule an on-site networking consultation with a BRAVAS member, contact us today.

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