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Build the Ideal Home Office

Build the Ideal Home Office

Start with Home Wi-Fi Networking

Every space in your home has unique functions and, therefore, unique requirements. However, there is one element that every room needs to function at its highest level: access to secure, reliable Wi-Fi. Your devices should work without lag times in every area of your Indianapolis, IN home, but strong home Wi-Fi networking is especially important in your office. The office should always be ready for you when you’re ready to work, even if ten other wireless devices are in use throughout the rest of your home. When designing the perfect home workspace, start by building a reliable and powerful Wi-Fi system that can support your many technologies. Continue reading to learn more.

Build a Better Wi-Fi Network

Every year, you’re probably adding more wireless devices into your home. That means a larger strain on your Wi-Fi. So, what exactly should you do to improve your home network? Here are a few ways:

  • A Better Router: The arrival of new smartphones and other devices are often big events, and you probably upgrade every few years to stay up with the trends. Shouldn’t you be doing the same for backend devices like your router? If you’re using out-of-date equipment, you can’t expect the best results. Updating your router could be the first step to a better connection. 
  • Change the Channel: When you’re selecting a new router, make sure you’re selecting one with dual-band. When the router can operate on two different frequencies, you are less likely to experience lag. Most routers operate on the 2.4GHz frequency, so consider switching to 5GHz where there will be less outside traffic interrupting the connection.
  • Access Points: A router works best when it’s centralized in your home, but for larger spaces, you may require multiple access points. If your office is on the outskirts of your home, you still want to ensure that your connection is strong. You can create a mesh network with multiple access points spread throughout the home. Each unit will speak to the other to create a stable and widespread network.

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Design an Ideal Workspace

Once you’ve established a strong home Wi-Fi system, consider how home automation can improve your office experience. For example, the illumination of a work space can impact productivity, so incorporating lighting control could be a great benefit. Many people use home offices in the evening, when the natural light is unstable. Utilize light sensors to monitor the sun’s changes and adjust your office lights and shades accordingly. When the light remains perfect for production and you don’t have to be distracted by manual changes, you can finish up leftover work from the day or family finances quickly.

Also, consider including an audio system in your home office. Often, studies show that low levels of background sound can create an efficient environment for work. When your space is tuned in to your needs, you’ll be able to finish up necessary tasks as quickly as possible and return to family time.

As you’re looking to improve your home’s networking, and design the perfect office, remember that help is out there. Find a local BRAVAS partner and we will transform your home office into your ideal workspace.

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