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A Look for Any Occasion: Matching Your TV to Your Preferred Style

A Look for Any Occasion: Matching Your TV to Your Preferred Style

From Rustic to Modern, Hidden TVs Blend with Your Interior Design

As you plan out the interior design for your Dallas, TX luxury home, you’ll have to strike a balance between your personal style and your favorite entertainment. Designers have to find a way to make your speakers, televisions and AV equipment---including cable boxes, Blu-ray players and gaming consoles—blend with your décor. A popular approach is the installation of hidden TVs through the use of specialty mounts, custom cabinetry or mirror TVs. In this article, we help you figure out which of these options is the best fit for you.

Fashionably Chic

For some luxury clients, every part of their home is meant to be a fashion statement from their Italian leather sofa to the brilliant artwork lining the walls. In this case, it's not enough to make a television disappear. Why not make it a stylistic talking point as well?
TV Mirrors are a popular option for such homes. When not turned on, these televisions look like regular mirrors and with the right framing become a great decorative piece for any room. You can also have your television hidden behind an elegant piece of artwork. When you want to watch your favorite shows, the artwork slides out of view to reveal the TV behind it.

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Modern Simplicity

Modern homes that employ minimalist styles present the biggest challenge when it comes to incorporating televisions. In these cases, even framed mirrors and artwork may seem out of place. What you need are hidden TVs that disappear entirely when they’re not being used.

The easiest way to make a television disappear is to place it within a niche in the ceiling. Attach the TV on a mount that lowers from above when you want to use it. By using mounts specifically designed for this purpose, you ensure your TV is securely attached and that it's easy for you to manage. If your architecture does not lend itself to a ceiling solution, you can design a similar system with the TV hidden in the floor and only lifted to eye level when in use.

Rustic Country

A common way to give your home a more rustic, country feel is by incorporating a lot of custom wooden furniture. This offers additional options when it comes to blending your televisions into your interior décor. Instead of having your TVs disappear behind mirrors or artwork, they can be hidden away in custom cabinetry.

You can do this in two ways. The more traditional approach is to have cabinetry custom-built to match the size of your television (as pictured above) then adding double doors or sliding doors to cover it. TVs can also disappear into the furniture entirely, raised by motorized lifts when you’re ready to watch.

When it comes to blending the world of home décor and technology, it's all about finding customized solutions that fit your unique style. If you're not sure which solution to use, feel free to reach out to a local BRAVAS partner.

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