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5 Ways to Blend Your Speakers into Your Landscaping

5 Ways to Blend Your Speakers into Your Landscaping

Hidden Speaker Options for Your Outdoor Audio System

With great year-round weather and beautiful landscapes, it’s no surprise that people want to spend as much time as possible outdoors in Atlanta, Georgia. It's one of the reasons that outdoor sound systems are so popular in the city and its surrounding suburbs. Homeowners love listening to their favorite music when grilling some steaks or lounging by the pool, but are reluctant to install anything that might ruin their beautifully landscaped lawns. For this reason, there are a lot of hidden speakers available for garden, balcony and patio applications. In this article, we highlight some of the most popular ones:  

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Landscape Speakers

Most professional outdoor sound systems use landscape speakers. These are satellite speakers that are designed to blend into the foliage. When placed along walkways or on the edge of the patio, they look like landscape lighting fixtures. Companies that offer both outdoor lighting and audio solutions can even combine them into one enclosure so you can limit the amount of equipment needed in your outdoor spaces. These systems are designed to have a set amount of landscape speakers lining the property to ensure even sound.

Rock Monitors

Rock monitors are another popular option when it comes to hidden outdoor speakers. As their name suggests, these speakers look like large rocks that you can place within your garden or lining your patio. This can be useful for homeowners that have elaborate garden designs, where these rock monitors can be another decorative feature instead of using landscape speakers, which may be noticeable upon a closer look.

In-Ceiling Speakers

For covered areas, you can use many of the same hidden speaker solutions that you use indoors. Weather-resistant versions exist for both in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. These are a great option for outdoor media rooms. You can recreate a surround sound system in your walled-in patio without having to take bulky equipment outdoors. 

Underground Subwoofers

Want to add a little bass to your outdoor sound system? Many satellite—also known as in-land—speakers come with subwoofers that are buried underground. Not only does this help to protect your landscape design, but it can add ground-shaking power to your favorite albums or movies.

Decorative Speakers

Some manufacturers also offer speakers hidden within traditional landscape decorations. These are designed to look like flower pots, lanterns, or ceramic animals. Though they typically offer lower sound quality than the speakers mentioned above, they can be a great talking point for your home. Who wouldn’t want a saxophone-playing frog on their lawn?

Your local BRAVAS partner can help you figure out which speaker options would work best depending on your audio needs and outdoor design. 

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