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5 Places to Hide a Television in Your Master Suite

5 Places to Hide a Television in Your Master Suite

Sleep in a Room that Doesn’t Feel Like a Home Theater

Take a moment to picture your dream home. What features or aspects stand-out the most? Maybe it’s the modern kitchen with ample counters, the spacious walk-in closets, or perhaps it’s the spa-like en-suite, the low-maintenance landscaping, or the open floor plan with clear sight lines. While the most important features of a house will vary greatly depending on whom you ask, most homeowners can agree they prefer a master bedroom designed with technology that maximizes comfort but doesn’t feel like a distracting home theater. Let’s explore a few hidden TV options for your Minneapolis, MN home.

Bury the TV in the floor

Depending on the layout of the bedroom and the amount of available space, sometimes the only location to hide the television is in the floor. This is especially true if the room has a bay of windows or spectacular views that the homeowner does not want to obstruct with a television, speakers, and components. A reliable mechanical pivot can be it; all hidden and ready to get into position when you need it. 

Conceal the TV behind a painting

No longer does the television in your master bedroom need to be an eye sore or a distraction from the room’s décor. Instead, conceal the TV behind a beautiful piece of artwork. At the press of a button, the motorized art rolls up inside a decorative frame to reveal the television for your viewing pleasure. When everything is turned off, all you’ll see is a piece of art on the wall and nothing else. You choose the artwork and the frame to compliment your existing décor.

Make it vanish with a mirrored TV

Start reflecting your personal style rather than a large unsightly black box on the wall by turning the television into a mirror. With a variety of TV mirror options available to choose from it can be confusing to determine the best solution for your space. A simple rule to follow is to ask yourself what is the primary use, is it TV viewing or mirror viewing? For example, in a living room it’s most likely TV viewing while in a bathroom it’s mirror viewing that is most important.

Suspend the TV from the ceiling

Another means of concealing your TV in the bedroom is to hide it in the ceiling. Using a TV lift system, the unit can lower on command, tilt outward, and swivel the TV for optimal viewing. A second option, which requires minimal ceiling depth, is a folding lift. Similar to a door on hinges, the TV folds down from the ceiling and can tilt or swivel. These lifts are typically constructed of structural marine grade aluminum and stainless steel and operate very quietly.

Tuck the TV under the bed

An under-the-bed lift neatly tucks any screen up to 60” out of sight and out of mind. The customized folding panel ensures you’ll no longer be faced with a choice between the décor you love and the technology you desire. The lift fits neatly under king and queen size beds and typically requires only 8.75” of clearance between the bed and the floor. When not in use, this type of lift provides you an unobstructed view from the foot of the bed. Cabinets or existing furniture make for great hiding places as well. With a hidden lift, the television will rise into viewing position at the press of a button.

The BRAVAS team of technology professionals can hide more than just TVs. Contact them to learn about concealing all of your technology regardless of which room in the house it occupies.

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