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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Hidden TVs

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Hidden TVs

Give Your Equipment the Right Supporting Cast

Neatly tucking away your entertainment equipment is an essential part of preserving your interior design. Depending on your space and style limitations, you can use hidden TVs that double as mirrors, hide behind pieces of artwork, disappear into nooks in the ceiling or fit within custom cabinetry. But it takes more than just choosing one of these solutions to create the ideal décor. Like any technology in your San Francisco, CA home, you need the perfect supporting cast. In this article, we discuss a few different approaches to get the most out of your hidden televisions.

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Stay Stylish With Hidden Speakers

What good is it to create the ideal hiding spot for your television and then surround it with large speakers? All hidden TV solutions should have their speaker counterparts hidden as well. To protect your interior design, you can opt for in-ceiling or in-wall speakers so none of your equipment is ever visible to guests.

Consolidate All Your Equipment

Just like you should make an effort to camouflage your speakers, you should also look for a way to hide the components linked to your television. These could include an AV receiver, cable box, Blu-ray player, game console, or media server. The best way to do this, invest in an audio/video solution that lets you consolidate all your equipment in a closet.

Streamline Your Control Options

Imagine going through the effort of hiding your television and then having to deal with a coffee table covered with five different remotes. Instead, invest in a system that lets you control your entertainment from a dedicated touchpad, tablet, or smartphone. From the same device, you can turn on the TV, adjust the volume, and pull up your favorite channel or streaming service.

Match with the Room’s Décor

For your hidden TV to work, it needs to flow seamlessly with the rest of your décor. You can check back on our previous article discussing which solutions work best with certain styles. If you choose a solution that’s out of place, you’re going to end up with a disjointed design.

For example, complement the cabinet hiding your television with other custom furniture, so it looks like part of a set. Also take stylistic considerations into account when choosing the size of the television. Does it make sense to have a 60-inch art canvas or mirror in the middle of the media room? That decision will depend on the rest of your interior décor.

You should always consult with both your AV technician and interior designer before choosing a hidden TV solution. If you’re looking to bring this type of technology into your home, you can start by reaching out to a local BRAVAS partner.

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