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3 Rooms that Benefit from Unexpected Entertainment

3 Rooms that Benefit from Unexpected Entertainment

Where to Add Hidden TVs

As technology becomes an ever-increasing part of our lives, it doesn’t have to take over our homes’ style. By utilizing concealed technology like hidden TVs in your Houston, TX home, you can seamlessly integrate entertainment into your decor. One added benefit of hiding your screens is that you can easily add televisions to new rooms. In this article, we cover three spaces you may not have considered but could benefit from a hidden television. Continue reading to learn more. 

The Kitchen

On days when you’re spending a lot of time in the kitchen, whether you’re baking cookies for an event or preparing a more elaborate meal, you may want a little extra stimulation. Adding a television to your kitchen allows you to multitask; keep up with your favorite show while keeping your family fed. Or, you can watch your favorite cooking show to provide instruction. Additionally, you can pair your television with hidden speakers installed in the walls or ceiling for an immersive experience.

However, when the family gathers for dinner, you may not want to draw attention to the television. Utilize hidden technology techniques to keep it out of sight and out of mind. For instance, you can place your television behind a piece of art. When you’re ready to watch, the canvas moves to the side to reveal the screen. This way, you can enjoy your entertainment but clearly demarcate family time.

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The Bathroom

We all have our morning routines, and some of us tend to spend more time getting ready than others. For you, an ideal bathroom might include a built-in television that allows you to watch the news while you get ready for the day.

Since you already spend a lot of time looking in the mirror, this could be the perfect place to house your new television. Mirror TVs look like an ordinary looking glass--until you turn them on. When you do, a portion of your bathroom mirror becomes a screen displaying your choice of source. Most models are waterproof and safe for use in bathrooms, but talk to a home technology professional to make sure your new TV meets all the right specifications.

The Patio

Let’s face it: televisions make a big visual statement. In your outdoor spaces, you may not want your screen to distract from the beautiful landscaping or your prized rose garden. Then again, outdoor entertainment is a great way to do movie nights during those warm spring evenings.

Hidden televisions can help bridge the gap between these conflicting interests. Maybe your patio includes counter space, like an outdoor bar. You can install a screen into the cabinet that will rise up at the touch of a button when you’re ready to watch. However, when you just want to sit outside and enjoy the scenery, there will be no TV blocking your view!

To perfectly mesh your technology with your lifestyle, you will need the help of an audio video professional. Contact a local BRAVAS partner today to go over the particulars of your unique home and design your ideal solution.  

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