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BRAVAS Holiday Wishlist

Discover a handpicked selection of high-tech gifts for this Holdiay Season. Our Holiday Wishlist is a guide for both the tech-savvy and the tech-curious.


Portable Smart Projector

Why we love it: The Samsung Freestyle is a portable projector perfect for family movie nights on the lawn, a dorm room or anywhere you want to entertain. With its small size and big picture the Freestyle can turn your next gathering into a party.

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LG StandBYme Go

Portable Smart TV

Why we love it: The LG StanbyME Go is a groundbreaking and versatile product, offering a portable 27" 4K touchscreen HD SMART TV in a briefcase with built-in Wi-Fi and a battery, perfect for group entertainment at tailgate parties, BBQs, road trips, and more.



Noise-Canceling Headphones

Why we love them: The Bowers & Wilkins Px8 headphones are the perfect gift for travelers and smartphone users, offering superior sound quality, style options, and comfortable use in various situations, making them an ideal choice for holiday gifting.


From $2500*
James Soundbars

Custom Made to Match your TV

Why we love it:  James Loudspeaker offers high-quality, custom-sized soundbars that can be seamlessly integrated with your TV, mounted on the TV, in the wall, or a mantle, with discreet amplifier options available, providing an ideal audio solution for improved dialog clarity or bedroom theater-quality sound, ensuring you don't compromise on audio quality or aesthetics.


FullSwing KIT Launch Monitor

Golf Monitor

Why we love it: The Full Swing Kit gives you most of the features of the Trackman 4, in a better package, for less than ¼ the cost, making it the perfect gift for any golfer.  

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From $10,000*
Kaleidescape Terra Prime SSD

Media Server

Why we love it: Kaleidescape is the ultimate source for luxury home theaters. The best content, available with the best picture and sound, on the most enjoyable interface imaginable.  

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From $25,000*
Dolby Atmos

Home Theater Upgrade

Why we love it: Dolby Atmos elevates the home theater with the same surround sound experience that exists in the world’s best theaters. You don’t watch movies with Atmos, you experience them!  

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From $50,000*

Racing Simulator

Why we love it: SimCraft Racing Simulators give you the most realistic, engaging and immersive virtual racing experience available. We can help you make a custom design that is built and installed for you as you just sit back and enjoy. Ok, we said $50,000, but SimCraft announced a brand new racing simulator designed for the home, and customized a version for BRAVAS clients for less than $30k! Call us to order yours today, or to learn more.

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From $75,000*
Full Swing Pro 2.0

Golf Simulator

Why we love it: Full Swing Golf Simulators are the perfect blend of training aid and home entertainment. With incredible accuracy, world-class courses and options for family fun, Full Swing is the perfect golf simulator for your home. 

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From $100-250K*
B&W + Rotel Michi

2-Channel Audio Systems

Why we love it:  Music should not just be heard, it should be experienced. A great 2-channel audio system allows you a place to escape from the stress of daily life by immersing yourself in music.

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From $500,000*
CinemaTech Dream Theater

Home Theater Package

Why we love it:  When BRAVAS and CinemaTech partner on a theater you end up with a room that is as beautiful as it is high-performing. The true definition of a private cinema.

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From $750,000*
C-Seed 201

Unfolding Outdoor TV

Why we love it: The C-SEED 201 is a 201” MicroLED outdoor television that magically rises out of the ground and unfolds at the touch of a button. Of course we love it!

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*Pricing is good through 11.30.23, while supplies last.

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