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Why Tunable Lighting Solutions Should Be Your Next Home Upgrade Why Tunable Lighting Solutions Should Be Your Next Home Upgrade

Lighting gives homeowners more than just aesthetic benefits. It also plays a significant role in how we feel and how we function. Tunable lighting solutions maximize the influence of illumination on your daily life within your Southlake, TX, home. Few would argue that restful sleep, productive days and a positive mindset are just a luxury, so you might not want to miss lighting control’s many perks.

We’ve studied the mental and physical health effects of lighting that’s designed for our circadian rhythms. Fortunately, Home Theater Technologies provides installation and support services for proven lighting control such as Lutron. Read on to see why automated, programmable lighting serves as more than just a luxury for today’s homeowners.

Think of your circadian rhythm as your body’s internal clock: It alerts your mind to wake up in the morning and lulls you to sleep at night. Lighting plays a crucial role in this necessary brain function because it transmits signals to your brain to either speed up or wind down, ensuring that you get the sleep you need to live each day to the fullest. Lutron can imbue your whole home with lighting engineered to mimic this pattern.

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