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Should You Hire A Professional Integrator for Your Home Automation Project? Should You Hire A Professional Integrator for Your Home Automation Project?

BRAVAS Boca Raton offers 4 important considerations…

Whether remodelling an existing space or constructing a new home (and home theater), you’re going to want to work with a personal technology professional who is adept at collaborating with interior designers, architects, electricians and more. Why? BRAVAS Boca Raton has a few reasons for clients throughout South Florida and beyond…

What is the “Spectrum Experience?” What is the “Spectrum Experience?”

This leading home automation firm in South Florida wants you to know…

 Welcome to our blog!

BRAVAS Boca Raton is a full-service design and installation firm specializing in home and office technology. We’ll be using this space to announce important Spectrum company news, spotlight preferred manufacturers and components, and generally keep in touch. Each post will also introduce another aspect of “The Spectrum Experience.”

How Can Spectrum Lighting Control Enhance Your Life? How Can Spectrum Lighting Control Enhance Your Life?

South Florida technology experts illuminate the finer points of automated lighting

Looking for a simple way to improve your property appeal, make your life easier AND reduce your energy costs at the same time? Then you’re really looking for the “Spectrum Experience” for lighting controls!

If you haven’t explored how connecting your lighting system can add a whole new dimension to your life, consider: Imagine having your lights dim automatically, enacting preset “scenes”(like “dinner party” or “kid’s night”) so only the fixtures you need come on, in the colors you’ve set for that scene; imagine getting up at night and walking to the kitchen, and the lights in your path automatically fade on and off so you don’t have to feel around for switches or startle anyone with excessively bright bulbs; or imagine your lights interacting with other home systems such as motorized window shades, security systems, thermostats and whole-house control and automation systems to maintain the temperature and economize energy use.

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