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BRAVAS’ residential lighting designer services enhance your home’s appearance while boosting your mood and saving energy. Learn more about our offerings here.

How a Residential Lighting Designer Enhances Your Living Spaces. How a Residential Lighting Designer Enhances Your Living Spaces.

Lighting is becoming more important than ever, and at BRAVAS we’ve been providing intuitive lighting control options for our clients for years. But what you may not know is that we also provide the most state-of-the-art lighting fixtures the tech industry has to offer. In this blog, we will discuss how we work with your residential lighting designer and architect to achieve beautiful light in every space of your home.

Taking the First Step into Human Centric Lighting Taking the First Step into Human Centric Lighting

There is a lot of talk about human centric or healthy lighting in the residential design and technology world. When you bring the subject up, you tend to get two questions: What is it, and how much does it cost? The first of these questions is easy to answer, but the second is one of those “well it depends” answers. As residential lighting designers, we will try to examine both in the blog.

A Brilliant Lighting Idea A Brilliant Lighting Idea

For most of us, there is often a least one picture that hangs on a wall that means more to us than all the rest. Maybe it's a picture you created for yourself, something to found in a small store on your honeymoon, or a family favorite. You may be lucky and have more than one. Whether it is one or more, while we all cherish the picture and the memories it evokes, few of us do an excellent job to light it well.


If next time you look at your favorite picture, you wonder why it's in the dark or at least not as vibrant as you remember it; here are a few ways to make it the center of attention again with the help of a residential lighting designer.

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