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What IS “Remote System Monitoring?”

What IS “Remote System Monitoring?”

This South Florida Home Technology Expert Unveils ihiji Invision™ & What the Spectrum Customer Care Plan means for You

Remote monitoring isn’t new. Before the cloud, however, electronics specialists like Spectrum would have to log into each and every piece of your network independently and separately. If changes were required, the command for the change would have to be uploaded multiple times to update each piece of equipment. Through Invision, we can monitor your entire system and make changes from a single connection. We can maintain your entertainment, your network, your HVAC, your lighting systems, and any device that resides on your IP network.

When you entrust the professionals to customize all your home or office technology, you have certain expectations when it comes to system maintenance. Specifically, you want maximum efficiency with minimum disruption. Everyone here at Spectrum Technology Integrators gets that. We’ve made it our business to research the best solution we could bring to our customers so they’d know the continued performance of their network and devices is our top concern. Which is why we chose to work with ihiji.

With ihiji , Spectrum can offer Invision™, the cloud-based web solution that provides a secure gateway for us to monitor, service, and maintain all aspects of your electronic systems. With Invision by ihiji, we can detect minor issues and potentially critical errors, and can fix your system before you even know a problem exists.

ihiji simplified

Without ihiji Invision, *you* are monitoring your own system and reactively calling us to schedule a time to come out and troubleshoot the problem. With ihiji Invision, *we* monitor the health of your system, receiving immediate error notifications and proactively fixing the problem right away.

Imagine never having to worry about the performance of such devices as:

·         Control Processors (provides control of your entire system)

·         WiFi Touch Panels

·         Switches/Routers (these devises distribute your command to provide the desired function)

·         Projectors

·         Network-Capable TVs, DVRs

·         And much more!

Big things can come in small packages. The ihiji Invision device is about the size of a deck of cards.


Spectrum Technology Integrators and ihiji know that installations will often include products from many different manufacturers. Part of the advantage of Invision is that it works with many devices, regardless of manufacturer, product or size. This allows us to manage all your installations from one central location (be it in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami or anywhere throughout South Florida), and the increase in efficiency guarantees a more securely monitored system for you.

Call Spectrum Technology Integrators today (561.798.7010) to find out if the Customer Care Plan, including remote monitoring, is the piece of the technology network puzzle you’ve been missing! 

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