A Scalable Solution

The best thing about a Sonance outdoor speaker system is that it can cover any type of backyard. No matter what size your outdoor living space is, you can have an outdoor audio system that covers your entire area.

This impressive sound quality comes from smaller satellite speakers of various sizes placed throughout the yard and below-ground subwoofers which go entirely unnoticed within your plants and shrubbery. You’ll hear all the sound power from your system without ever seeing where it’s coming from.

Contained Sound

With strategically installed speakers and subwoofers that all face your gathering areas and direct sound towards you and your guests, you’ll have incredible audio coverage for your whole space. It’s a rich and crystal-clear performance every time you listen.

You won’t have to worry about your favorite party tunes drifting over your fences and waking up or bugging neighbors. This audio system setup keeps the music contained within your yard, without letting the audio leak and spill out of the designated areas.

Different Design Options

Sonance offers top-notch satellite speakers that produce an astonishing sound quality while also being able to withstand any type of weather or temperature. Never fear that a storm or freeze will damage them.

The satellite speakers come in three different-sized models. You can find the right depending on your preferences and your backyard’s sizing – and also what you want your speakers’ volume to be. These speakers can accommodate a gathering that needs background music for ambiance, or a dance party that would benefit from full-on, head-bopping songs.

And with a push of a button on your personal smart device, you can adjust the volume or choose which speakers are playing. Control every speaker with the same ease that you manage your home automation system.

A Powerful Bass Delivery

Hear every detail of your music. With 10” and 12” below-ground subwoofers, Sonance’s landscape speaker system brings a smooth bass performance to your outdoor audio that’ll be memorable for anyone who appreciates music.

These subwoofers paired with the satellite speakers placed throughout your property will create the ultimate sound setup that elevates any get-together. Imagine hosting a movie night on your patio, and your top-quality outdoor speakers enhancing the film’s bass and taking it to the next level. It’s that easy to make it happen.

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