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Your Guide to Transforming Your Living Room into a Home Theater

Your Guide to Transforming Your Living Room into a Home Theater

Our Home Theater Experts Provide Tips to Help Make That Happen

At Digital Interiors, we’ve installed plenty of media rooms over the years. So, we understand the benefits and challenges associated with them, how they need to be connected and what equipment to use to enjoy the optimal viewing experience.

Your living room might house your TV or projector, but it might still lack a more cinematic feel. What can you do to elevate the on-screen entertainment experience in your home? In this blog, our team of home theater experts at Digital Interiors share some of our ideas to transform your Metro Atlanta living room into the ultimate media room or home theater setup.

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Blackout Motorized Shades

That’s where motorized shades come into play: When it’s movie time, press one button and you’ll get that movie-theater darkness that replicates the cineplex. We recommend Lutron’s blackout roller shades, which silently can roll down at just the press of a button on a keypad or your smartphone.

Dimmers and Tunable Lighting

You can also pair your shading capabilities with lighting control to maximize screen viewability. Lutron has perfected the dimmer switch since they created it in 1959 and have several options you can introduce in your home. Better yet, you can control your dimmers from keypads that match every design taste – or even from your smartphone. When it’s time to watch a movie, dim your lights to your preferred movie-watching levels. Or, if you opt for a tunable lighting system (we recommend Ketra, in particular), change your lights’ color tone. Watch a movie under warm white light for relaxation or in blue light if you are wanting to try something new.

Shielding Your Screen from Ambient Light

Have you ever tried to watch a movie but kept getting distracted by the glow from a small window or a lamp in the background reflecting on the TV? Even if you opt out of blackout shades and dimmers, you can cancel out some visual noise through an ambient light-rejecting projector screen. These screens enhance picture quality through ensuring that only light from your projector hits your screen.

How? An ambient light rejecting screen negates the washout effects of ambient light while maintaining superb picture quality under normal room lighting conditions. The screen gives a second life to entertainment spaces that have little or no control over incidental light.

More Brilliance with 4K

After you’ve put in all this work to control brightness in your home theater setup, you’ll need a top-quality 4K TV or projector. If you want to keep some of the sunlight circulating in your space while retaining the family-room environment, we have a solution: Ultra-bright projectors with high lumens.

Sony’s projectors have enough lumens to produce a vivid image, even if some stray light enters your room. We suggest Sony’s VPL-VW695ES, which delivers 1,800 lumens, or its 4K short-throw projector, which displays images at 2,500 lumens of brightness. These devices give you an end-to-end, high contrast picture, despite the time of day.

Also, don’t cheat yourself by watching anything less than 4K content after you’ve invested in the proper installation and equipment! It’s worth mentioning that you can’t just log into Netflix or Amazon Prime and stream their 4K content offerings onto any screen: You’ll need a 4K TV or projector, a secure internet connection and usually a higher-tier subscription package. For DVDs, make sure you have a 4K Blu-Ray player and corresponding 4K discs.

As home theater experts here in the Metro Atlanta area, our team at Digital Interiors can help transform your living room area into the ultimate multi-purpose entertainment space?

Give us a call or contact us here to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We’d love to hear from you!

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