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Why Tunable LED Is the Hottest Tech Trend of 2019

Why Tunable LED Is the Hottest Tech Trend of 2019

Enjoy a Lighting System That Improves Your Lifestyle

The New Year is here and there’s plenty of great new technology trends coming your way. While rollable TVs and artificial intelligence may be some of the most talked-about technology upgrades at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, there’s one technology that will transform the way you get through your day: tunable LED lighting.

Want to find out how a ground-up tunable upgrade will transform your lifestyle? Curious why it’s one of the best home automation trends to look for in 2019? Find out here.

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Rethinking Your Light from the Ground Up

You’ve probably heard about the LED revolution, but are you taking advantage of its benefits? Every fixture in your house can look better and save energy with a long-lasting system that’s easy to operate.

While it’s possible to replace your current bulbs with plug-and-play LED bulbs as part of a retrofit project, upgrading with LED fixtures will improve the life of your system, give you greater control, and work more efficiently than your current lighting solution.

LED fixtures provide light natively, and connect directly to the power supply. There are no bulbs to replace. They’re often recessed within the ceiling or walls, which reduces wall acne and emphasizes the beauty of the lighting design.

Additionally, they’re considerably more energy efficient than any other types of lighting currently available today. LED lights sport a higher “lumen efficacy” than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. That means they take less energy to provide the same amount of brightness.

They also work well with automated lighting systems, which lets you brighten and dim your lights, change hue, create recurring scenes and adjust the color temperature. In fact, that last point is one of the most important advancements in lighting technology of 2018.

Tunable Lighting Promotes Wellness and More

Automated color temperature adjustability was a big deal at this year’s tech shows. But what does that mean?

The relationship between light (both visible and not) and the way you feel throughout the day is a subject studied since the “sick building syndrome” crisis of the 1970s. Essentially, researchers have found that too much unnatural light and not enough sunlight can lead to a host on nonspecific ailments.

In your home, that could mean feelings of anxiety and lack of sleep. Some modern systems are combating that with tunable lighting, which automatically adjusts the color temperature of lights to reflect your natural circadian rhythms. In other words, it’s an artificial lighting system that your body reacts to like it’s the sun.

The phrase color temperature can be a bit misleading. Usually, changing the temperature of the light would affect its color; bluish for very hot light, yellowish for cooler light. However, companies like Ketra and Lumastream have developed tunable white light.

Tunable white helps by automatically adjusting the temperature throughout the day without changing color.

Plus, it features a number of other benefits. Unlike traditional dimmers which only reduce brightness to 10%, tunable white fixtures can dim to 0.1% brightness. That means you won’t wake the family when you want to sneak into the kitchen for a midnight snack.

This year, it’s time to rethink your lighting from the ground up. If you want all the latest automation and technology news and trends delivered directly to your inbox, click here to sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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