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Where Should You Install Your Outdoor Light Fixtures?

Where Should You Install Your Outdoor Light Fixtures?

Enhance Your Home’s Style with the Right Landscape Design

Creating the perfect atmosphere in your The Woodlands, TX home's outdoor spaces comes down to having the proper lighting. Not only do you need to make sure that you buy the correct types of outdoor light fixtures from Coastal Source, but you also need to know where to place them. You can then enhance your design with intuitive control of all your fixtures to manage exactly when you want them to be turned on. In this blog, we show you how your lighting control system and landscape design work together to make your home more beautiful.

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Give Your Trees Some Life

Keep your trees from becoming shadowy figures at night by placing accent lighting at their base. The lights should be facing upwards but also covering some of the trunk. Complement these with smaller downlights within the tree’s leaves. Through your lighting control system, you can schedule these lights to come on as soon as the sun sets.

Highlight Architectural Features

At the corners of your home and key architectural features, include bullet lights directly aimed towards your home. Choose what you want to highlight wisely; if you place too many of these bullet lights together, you’ll end up washing out the overall design. You can also install multiple fixtures, then use a touchpad or mobile app to alternate the features you want to highlight.

Spotlight Areas in Your Yard

If you have a fountain, gazebo or sculpture in your backyard, you can use angled bullet lights from Coastal Source at their base to make them shine. The key here is to use multiple lights. If you only use one, it will cast a shadow over the other side of the structure. Instead use multiple outdoor light fixtures with their beams crossing paths.

Show off Your Growing Garden

When placing lights in your garden bed, make sure to evenly spread them out so they encourage visitors to canvas the whole area. If too many lights are congregated in one spot, it'll take the spotlight away from the rest of your garden. If you want to bring attention to a particularly beautiful bloom, you can use your lighting control system to dim the other lights to showcase that area of your garden.

Lead the Way for Guests

You should also place lights along your driveway and outdoor walkways. These outdoor fixtures should be placed a few feet apart and angled upward. For these fixtures, you can install motion sensors, so they illuminate as people drive up or walk to your front door.

The experts at SES Design Group can design a landscape lighting system with Coastal Source outdoor light fixtures exactly where you want them and a control solution that makes it easy manage them efficiently. To get started, fill out our online contact form to set up a free consultation.

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