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What Is Life Like Inside an Intelligent Home?

What Is Life Like Inside an Intelligent Home?

Explore How Smart Home Automation Can Enhance Your Lifestyle

As consumers, we all like to know the value of something before we make an investment in the product or service. For homeowners in the Minneapolis, MN area, the value of smart home automation is multifaceted, as each smart system is custom-designed to make life more enjoyable, secure, and convenient according to each person’s preferences. There are some advantages of smart technology that are true no matter what system you get.

More Time

You would be surprised how much time you spend each day doing small manual tasks throughout your home. Fishing through your purse for the front door keys, fumbling in the dark for the light switch, sorting through remotes to find the right one for the stereo system….all of these activities are just considered part of life, but they don’t have to be. One of the best things about smart home technology is that it connects all of the components of your home into one system that you can control with the push of a single button.

So while you’re rushing out the door in the morning, you don’t have to take the time to adjust the thermostat, turn off all the lights, close the window shades, find your keys, and arm the security system. Instead, you push one button, and your home does everything for you.

More Elegance

If having an impressive and beautiful home is important to you, nothing can compare to the imposing look and feel of a smart home. Integrated technology turns everyday activities into a subtle performance. With the tap on a touchscreen, your home can transform before you. Lights can dim, shades can rise, and previously invisible devices such as televisions can appear in front of your eyes.

Perfect for entertaining guests, there are so many different subtle touches that can enhance a get-together with friends and family. For example, your outdoor landscape lighting can use motion sensors to trigger lit pathways as your guests approach your home. As more people enter your home, the HVAC system can automatically kick in to keep the temperature at a comfortable level. Hidden speakers can play music at just the right sound levels for the occasion throughout your home. Whatever look and feel you want to promote in your home, smart home technology can help make it happen.

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More Comfort

Imagine having a home that automatically works to keep you comfortable at all times. When you’re enjoying morning coffee in the den and the rising sun causes a glare through the window, you’ll never have to put up with the annoyance or get up to close the shades. Instead, smart sensors can automatically detect the influx of sunlight and lower motorized shades that block out the harsh glare.

When you go to bed each night, your home can initiate a “scene” that puts in motion your ideal settings for the evening. Soft music plays in the bedroom background, and the overhead lights dim while the nightstand lamp brightens to give you ample light for reading. The thermostat lowers to a comfortable temperature and the shades close to create a dark, cool environment perfect for sleep. Without any effort on your part, you get to enjoy the comfort of a home perfectly tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

The options are nearly limitless with regard to all the unique and fun things you can do with smart home automation technology. Contact a local BRAVAS partner today to get started on a personalized solution for your home.

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