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What Exactly Does Home Technology Integration Mean?

What Exactly Does Home Technology Integration Mean?

Find Out How You Can Benefit from an Integrated Home

As Metro Atlanta’s leading smart home integration expert, our team at Digital Interiors is proud to provide local homeowners with innovative and customized home control solutions.

But if you haven’t heard of us before – or you’re just now starting to consider owning a “smart home” – you might have many questions about our services.

Among the most basic questions you might have: “What exactly does home technology integration mean? And how will it impact my house?”

In this blog, we’ll answer those questions and dive into how our home technology services can help elevate your property in the Buckhead area or elsewhere throughout North Georgia.

Just keep reading below for more.

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Home Technology Integration: The Basics

Think, for a moment, about all of the technologies you might feature in your house. There’s the security system, the lights, the entertainment systems, the heating and cooling systems and so much more – potentially even your window treatments.

In your typical home, you likely will control all of these devices independently; using remotes to manage your TVs or A/V sources, switches to operate your lights and your on-wall keypad to arm your security system.

Our home technology integration solutions revolutionize the way you control the technologies you own throughout your house. We replace the need to operate each system separately with an innovative setup that allows you to manage each technology throughout your home from a single user interface.

Depending on the requests for your setup – whether you are looking for a single-room or whole-house solution – we will work with you to develop a system design that includes the necessary technology upgrades throughout your house so that you will be able to enjoy this increased level of control convenience.

Once our installation is complete, you can have the ability to control everything from lights and shades to your TVs and speakers to even your pool and fireplace – all from the same user interface accessible from any in-wall or tabletop touchscreen panel throughout your house or your personal smartphone, tablet or computer.

But why should you integrate your home’s technologies? Well, we explain below. 

The Benefits of Home Technology Integration

Owning an integrated smart home comes with a variety of benefits. But one of the most noticeable benefits is an increased level of convenience concerning daily technology control.

Consider the fact that you might have several remotes throughout your house to manage your TVs or speakers or differing applications to control each of your systems. For example, one app might allow you to view live home security camera footage. Another might allow you to control the lights and shades. Without an integrated control solution, managing each of those systems can be a hassle.

Our home technology integration solutions allow you to manage everything in your house from a single interface – eliminating the need for various control systems.

With an integrated control system, as well, you can experience additional benefits – such as an added level of energy efficiency.

For example, during hours that your house is empty – such as during the workday and when the kids are at school – not only can we help you program your system so that your thermostat rises to the most energy-efficient level but also your home’s lights turn off and your motorized shades lower to prevent any additional solar heat gain. 

Additionally, we also can program your system for geofence technology. Say, for example, you are arriving home from the grocery store during an icy winter evening. After all, it’s not that unheard of here in the Metro Atlanta area. With the help of our team, when your integrated technology system detects your phone has entered the vicinity of the house, not only can pathway lights instantly illuminate the way to your front door from the driveway, but indoor lights can automatically turn on to guide you to the kitchen and the front door can unlock on its own.

With a home technology integration solution for your property in the Buckhead area, you are adding an elevated level of convenience to your lifestyle.

If you want to learn more about Digital Interiors’ custom services for your property, we encourage you to check out our blog for the latest in home technology or to reach out to us today.

You can contact us either by calling (770) 844-5800, chatting live with us below or filling out a short form here. We look forward to hearing from you!


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