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Adding Sophistication and Style with Technology

Adding Sophistication and Style with Technology

Minimize the Clutter and Streamline Your Technology

As one of the first significant streaming hits of 2019, Marie Kondo's Netflix phenomenon Tidying Up highlights the distinct relationship between decluttering your home and living a better, more fulfilling life. And while she may be talking about cleaning out closets, architects and designers should pay close attention to her methods.

The lifestyle guru behind the KonMari Method recently told Elle Magazine: “... in the past, most of my clients were interested in organizing. Now, my clients are mainly interested in a life that is more centered around mindfulness and wellness.”

The popularity of her new show indicates an interest in reducing clutter on the path to wellness. And few things can clutter a room more quickly than technology components.

When you're designing your next project, consider factoring in the reality of the role technology plays in the day-to-day lives of your clients. Create a space where the devices remain useful, but they don't dominate the look or feel of the room.

Here, you’ll find some interesting modern solutions that will help you design a less cluttered, more mindful space for your clients. To get more out of the sophistication and style of hidden technology keep reading.

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Music as Decor

While interior design is primarily about creating a beautiful looking space that functions well, many designers overlook the impact that sound has on a room.

Music streaming is a huge part of many people’s everyday lives, and it can incorporate into professional design elements. Small aperture, recessed speakers allow users to stream music to any room without dominating the space with clunky speaker components.

Typically, the same size and shape as recessed light fixtures, these speakers make it possible to incorporate music as part of the decor.

Getting Rid of Switches

Today’s technology isn’t an eyesore. Modern innovations create spaces where your smart devices are hidden or streamlined.

Among the most common devices in any room is the standard light switch. Smart control systems typically consist of a more modern look than the traditional 7-gang wall-switch, but instead of being a culprit of clutter and wall distraction new controls are beautifully designed.

Designers should consider reducing the appearance of wall-mounted control devices to help open up the space. For instance, Lutron’s Palladiom QS Wallstation offer a sleek, custom-engraved design that mounts flush with the wall and blends in with the surrounding finishing.

A user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing wall panel, the Palladiom QS's buttons and wallplates are made from the same material, feature subtle backlighting, so they're easy to navigate, and don't require a backbox, making them easy to install in any room.

Hiding TVs     

Televisions are another undeniable necessity that have undergone a stylish shift. After all, your clients can’t enjoy Netflix if their video displays are hidden away. Luckily, manufacturers have taken note, and they’ve come up with some interesting and sophisticated solutions.

For instance, LG recently unveiled at CES 2019 their new "rollable" OLED TV. True to its description, the TV rolls up like a poster when not in use. When it's off, the TV exists in a discreet box, roughly the same size as a soundbar.

Samsung has taken a different approach by hiding TVs in plain sight. Their Frame TV offers stunning 4K picture when viewing TV content and transforms into a delightful piece of art when it’s in standby mode. To be clear, this isn’t like Seura’s hidden TVs that covered the screen with a retractable print. Instead, the TV itself projects artwork sourced from art galleries across the world.

Additionally, there are motorized lift solutions, which can raise or lower the TV into alcoves in the wall blending seamlessly into your project’s design.

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