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Successfully Mix Metals in Your Home Décor

Successfully Mix Metals in Your Home Décor

Add Effective Contrasts with Home Interior Finishes

Although a big part of interior design is creating a cohesive style throughout your Dallas, TX home, you can still give your space a touch of personality with some contrasting elements. To do this, you can use contrasting paints, patterns, colors, or furnishings. Even though it was once considered a big stylistic faux pas, mixing metals has also become a way to add depth and personality. Read on to see how your home interior finishes can be used to successfully mix metals. 

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Create a Primary Metal for Your Home

Start by picking out a metal you'll use throughout your home. You can then have complimentary metals to go with it in each room. Let's stay you choose iron as your primary metal since it's relatively neutral. You can reflect that choice on faucets, railings, and more. With custom home interior finishes, you can even have your sockets and light switches have iron faux-finishes in every room.

Go Subtle With Contrasting Frames

How can you go about adding complementary metals in each room? You want to go small when it comes to the different metals. A popular way to do this, is by having different metal finishes for all your frames. Have your artwork surrounded by a gold frame while your living room mirror has a silver one. In recent years, touchpad mounts have also become a great stylistic tool. As part of your interior home finishes, choose a flush-mounted option for your touchpad with a faux-metal finish to add more depth to your living room or bedroom.

Use Bold Wall Colors & Designs

Another strategy is to take attention away from the mixed metals by having walls with bold colors or intricate wallpaper designs. In this scenario, you may want to go with home interior finishes that blend directly into the wall. Your light switches, HVAC vents, sockets, and touchpad mounts can be painted to blend into the wall so the focus can then be entirely on the contrast between the silver plates, gilded chairs, and bright walls. 

Spread Out Your Metallic Elements

Make sure not to bunch too many metals in one section of the room. Instead, space them throughout the area to avoid clashing elements. For example, by the entrance to your kitchen highlight the silver light switches and sink while at the opposite end of the room you have a gilded cabinet with your touchpad mounted on a gold frame just above it.

Mixing metals is all about giving your home décor a subtle touch of personality. For this reason, home interior finishes are a great way to create contrast without overpowering your unique style. To learn more about how you can use these finishes to enhance your interior design, reach out to a local BRAVAS partner


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