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Should You Participate in the Latest Home Interior Trend?

Should You Participate in the Latest Home Interior Trend?

Just Go Faux It

When it comes to selecting the best materials for your Houston, TX home, your first thought is probably not “faux.” It may be surprising then that faux materials are trending this year among high profile designers. The reason, these materials are engineered to look as good as the real thing while having more functionality. Whether it’s wood, marble, or foliage, you may find that the imitation home interior finishes have more value for your home than you might think. To learn more, continue reading. 


The rustic look is in. More and more homeowners are opting for farmhouse kitchens with wood cabinetry and finishes. If you’re considering going that route, you’re probably in the market for barn wood or recycled timber. The issue with these products is their integrity. If, for instance, you are planning on adding ceiling beams or trusses, expect the aged wood to warp and change over time.

That’s where faux wood can help. It is created to have that rustic look but without the unpredictability. The manufactured product won’t bend or rot, but still provides that aged look that you’re going for. In addition, it’s much easier to install and will mean you’ll have less time in a construction zone.

Top off your rustic look with a brand new lighting scheme. With automated lighting, you can change the temperature of the light. Create a setting that makes your kitchen feel like it is lit by the warm light of candlelight, without the fire hazard.


Speaking of the kitchen, one style of countertop has dominated the luxury market for years: marble. However, there are some drawbacks to this material. For one thing, marble can be damaged by your daily cooking habits. Highly acidic foods like tomatoes and citrus and heat can discolor or etch out areas of the marble surface.

If you want the luxe look and feel of marble without the worry of maintenance, then it might be time to go faux. Made of engineered quartz, faux marble looks just like the real thing. However, it can’t be damaged by acidic food or heat

Another option is scagliola. This is a material created by layering silk and plaster over limestone. While marble comes in slabs, this material can be made into any shape. You can even create custom carvings in this material for a unique and bespoke look. This is an ideal solution for creating custom pieces like fireplaces or mantels. You could even consider utilizing this material to create a unique vessel for your hidden television!


Maybe you don’t exactly have a green thumb, or maybe you are often traveling or don’t have time to spend in your garden. Faux foliage might be the solution for you. Fake plants get a bad rap, but quality faux foliage is incredibly lifelike. The boxwood models are particularly popular. Each leaf and stem is handmade and looks unique, like a real plant would. Not only will these “plants” make life easier, they can create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

Once the foliage is in place, you’ll want to finish off your new patio space with some outdoor audio video features. Add waterproof speakers throughout your patio and yard, so that the next time you entertain, guests will experience high-quality audio in the lovely spring weather.

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