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Set Your House Apart with Custom Crafted Home Interior Finishes

Set Your House Apart with Custom Crafted Home Interior Finishes

See the Steps Specialists Take to Blend Technology and Aesthetics

For a truly cohesive design in your luxury home you need to take each detail into account. It’s easy to get lost in the bigger choices—finding the right vintage furniture or artwork—and forget about the small details that can make a one-of-a-kind space. Mismatched light switches or a stack of remotes on the coffee table can ruin an otherwise perfect layout. The right home interior finishes can help you create a streamlined décor that fits your unique style through flush-mounted solutions. Read on to see how these solutions can be implemented throughout your Indianapolis, IN home.

What Items Do You Want Flush Mounted?

The first step is figuring out which components in your home could benefit from flush-mount solutions. Items on the walls that typically stick out can be installed to fit in-line with the wall to better camouflage with the rest of the room. They are then painted to match the surroundings. While most of our clients use these for light switches and electrical outlets, there are also other options that could apply to your home depending on the type of technology that you have.

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For homeowners that enjoy whole-house music, flush-mounted in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are a great way to enjoy their favorite entertainment without it imposing on their interior décor. If you’ve incorporated a smart home control option that lets you manage your technology via a touchpad or tablet, those can also be flush-mounted against the wall for easy access. These mounts also serve as charging stations.

How Do You Want Them Installed?

Once you’ve decided the solutions that you want to incorporate, it’s time to find the best location for them. Figure out the rooms that you think could use home interior finishes and how you’d like for them to be installed. Most finishes are designed to add symmetry to your interior design and, for that reason, all light switches, dimmers and touch-panel mounts are expertly aligned. You can them choose to have your touchpad or tablet rest center, left or right aligned.

What Finishing Do You Want?

Expert home finishes have two primary components which we mentioned earlier. The first is ensuring that devices or switches are mounted flatly on the wall so they do not stick out. The second is having them match the surrounding wall. This is the last step in the installation. Most manufacturer’s offer white, black, or stone finishes to match most interiors. For more unique styles—including dynamic wall papers found in many modern homes—you can go with the faux paint approach in which your flush-mount is expertly painted by hand to match the wall.

If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your home, the right interior finishes can make all the difference. Visit one of our local BRAVAS partners to see how the smallest details can transform your interior design.

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