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Relax--All Over the World

Relax--All Over the World

The 5 Best Destination Spas Across the Globe

Traveling can be a huge adventure to have with a loved one. But sometimes, after taking in the sights and the culture of a foreign land, relaxation becomes an absolute necessity before heading home. Spending some time in a luxury spa or resort can truly create a “vacation from your vacation.” Then again, there’s nothing wrong with planning your trips around revitalizing your body and your mind! We have selected five of our favorite getaways, both near and far. Continue reading to see why it’s time to get out your passport.

1. Santorini, Greece: Grace Santorini

Relax All Over the World Greece

This is truly a space to get away from it all. The Grace Santorini offers an immersive experience. The first step is detoxing from the digital world; you give up your personal devices which are replaced by a phone with a single number: Georgia Pantazi, the assistant manager, ready to assist you on your way to nirvana. However, don’t worry about missing your screens; your schedule will be very fulfilling. The day starts with a variety of Yoga classes, a three-hour massage overlooking the ocean, and a menu full of delicious, homemade breads and tahini. Your room includes a series of interconnected and discreet terraces with a personal pool, sundeck, and outdoor fireplace. Every aspect of your space and your day is designed to produce a state of calm.

2. Bavaria, Germany: Lanserhof Tegnersee

Relax All Over the World Germany

If you’re looking for a little more than relaxation, consider this medi-spa surrounded by the Black Forest in Southern Germany. The focus of all the treatments here is health and putting your body back in order. The session begins with a personalized assessment to determine any unique issues and create a profile. Their holistic approach has proven to be transformative for matters ranging from weight loss to arthritis, making this a very popular destination for the elite around the world. They employ the Mayr method for diet and detox, and are strict when it comes to diet but not with your regiment. You will have the power to plan your days and choose whether you spend your time at the pool or attending a classical concert.

3. Hua Hin, Thailand: Chiva-Som

Relax All Over the World Thailand

Surround by the beautiful city of Hua Hin; the Chiva-Som resort is a classic choice. One of the first luxury destination spas to make a splash, it started attracting famous clientele from its very beginning--including Madonna and Kate Moss. The amenities include a watsu pool, yoga pavilions, a pristine gym, and nearly any treatment you could imagine: including a massage that releases tension in the abdomen to improve digestion, acupuncture, and chakra balancing. Activities include horseback rides along the beach and drinks in the terrace restaurant. The menu is simple but perfect. Learn why this luxury spa is a classic choice and add it to your bucket list.

4. Cancun, Mexico: Nizuc 

Relax All Over the World Mexico

For a luxurious experience a little closer to home, there’s Nizuc. This hotel and spa does a fantastic job of mixing new age treatments with Mexican tradition and lore. The Mayan Cacao treatment, for instance, starts with hydrotherapy and ends with a traditional chocolate scrub. After the treatments, enjoy the complimentary classes ranging from salsa dancing to yoga and conditioning. The Nizuc can be a retreat from the Cancun beach and nightlife, creating a perfectly balanced vacation.

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5. Bangalore, India: Shreyas Yoga Retreat

Relax All Over the World India

For centuries, yoga devotees have made the pilgrimage to its homeland, India. If you want to make the trek in style, the Shreyas Yoga Retreat is a must. You’ll be welcomed with a garland of jasmine, rose and marigold. You will then spend your days based on Ashram discipline, including several variations of yoga, meditation, and chanting sessions. Naturopathic doctors track your progress and prescribe your personal regiment. The meals come from an organic garden onsite; you can even pick and prepare your own vegetables if that strikes your fancy, or commune with the other jetsetters seeking refuge. For a complete and holistic experience, and as a way to improve your practice, there’s no place better than Shreyas Yoga Retreat.

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