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Modern or Contemporary, Motorized Shades Fit Any Style

Modern or Contemporary, Motorized Shades Fit Any Style

Motorized shades are often considered a staple of the modern smart home. These automatic window treatments create a simple way to improve the ambiance in a room without any manual effort from the homeowner. Yet one deterrent keeping homeowners from embracing motorized shades in their Atlanta, Georgia residences is a fear that such technology won’t offer the same level of quality in materials and design selection. Fortunately, that is not the case. Keep reading to learn about the many possibilities for designing motorized shades that are perfectly tailored to your high-end style.

The Styles

The style that might come to mind when one thinks about such window treatments is likely roller shades. This shade style, much like the name implies, raise and lower straight up and down, and are a great option if subtlety is your design preference. This shade option allows for the mechanism to be hidden behind drapes or woodwork and when completely raised is invisible. If you’re not a fan of such a modern design, several other stylistic options still offer the benefits of automation. Honeycomb, Roman, and even traditional drapery are all able to be motorized, giving you full flexibility in choosing the design that fits your personality and décor preferences. And if you have your eye set on a specific pattern or non-motorized drapery set, it’s possible to add a motorized track that enables automation for traditional drapery.

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The Materials

From the type of fabric to the finish on the finials, each detail of your window treatments can be customized to create a cohesive look and feel. The look of the material isn’t the only factor to consider. It’s also important to choose the right fabric for each room’s purpose. In a media room, for instance, it makes sense to choose a blackout fabric that will completely block out the sunlight that could otherwise result in a glare on the television screen. In rooms with priceless artwork, add shades that are designed to block out the harmful UV rays that could cause fading and damage to the paintings. And in areas with a gorgeous view, opt for “view preservation” shades that lessen the harsh glare of sunlight while still letting you enjoy the sights.

The Possibilities

Motorized shades blend traditional home décor with technology, a perfect pairing of the two. You can add motorized shades to areas that are usually unreachable, allowing you to control lighting levels and enhance the interior design. Moreover, automated window treatments make it easy to balance privacy and view enjoyment—with the push of a button, you can go from open visibility in a room to complete privacy. Add in the energy savings and UV protection that come with shade automation, and the choice to add this home technology is an easy one.
With motorized shades, you have complete freedom to choose the style, pattern, and materials that best match your personal preferences. Are you ready to explore the options for your home? We’ll guide you through the interior design process or work directly with your designer to ensure we meet your expectations and unique style. Contact a local BRAVAS partner today.

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