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Make 2019 The Year Your Smart Home Dreams Come True

Make 2019 The Year Your Smart Home Dreams Come True

With smart home technology becoming more common, less expensive and easier to use, now’s the time to jump on the home automation bandwagon

The smart home lifestyle is no longer just a fantasy for the ultra-rich; the future is here, and it’s powered by automation.

From smart bathrooms (complete with voice-controlled toilets) and automated security systems to advancements in home theater and home audio technology, smart devices have become ubiquitous throughout our lives. These devices are also becoming cheaper and easier to use, making this the perfect time to take the leap and create your dream smart home.

As Oklahoma City’s leading smart home company, Audio Dimensions is ready to build the ideal automation system for you and your family. Let’s look at how smart devices can transform different spaces in your home.

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Smart devices have dramatically altered the way we consume media at home. Your TV and speakers can now function as central components of your home automation system.

The most obvious manifestation of this trend is smart speakers. While high-quality speakers have become much cheaper, the real transformation has been the adoption of voice control by many manufacturers. Using Amazon’s Alexa technology, Google’s virtual assistant or other systems, your speakers can now control our TV, your lights and shades, and much more.

TVs have become much smarter as well, in addition to improvements in picture quality like 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range color output. LG’s ThinQ AI system, which comes with the company’s OLED TVs, includes Google’s virtual assistant technology right out of the box and also works with Amazon’s Alexa system. And because ThinQ is an open platform, it’s compatible with products across a range of brands both now and in the future.


As we mentioned earlier in this blog and have written about before, smart devices are coming for your bathroom.

One key trend here is smart mirrors. These screens from manufacturers like Seura, Electric Mirror and Kohler can play music while you’re getting ready for the morning, display news and your social media feeds, turn on your shower and set it to your ideal temperature, control other smart devices in your bathroom and elsewhere in your home, and much more.

Your mirrors aren’t the only things in your bathroom that are getting a connectivity upgrade. We’ve already mentioned voice-controlled toilets, but your shower, your faucets, even your bathtub are now coming equipped with smart features. Many of these devices can also interact with and control other automated devices in your home, creating an intricate web of smart gadgets that you can customize and control with your voice or through an app.


There are many smart home technologies that are made to work anywhere and everywhere in your home. One that’s made great strides in recent years is whole-home audio.

We’ve already talked about how smart speakers have transformed the home theater space, but you can expand your network of smart speakers to encompass your entire home, letting you enjoy your favorite audio content throughout your home seamlessly. And if those speakers have voice control capability, they become smart home control points in any room they’re placed.

Another helpful whole-home automation system is lighting control. In addition to the added convenience of being able to control all the fixtures in your home with an app or using your voice, lighting control gives you many more ways to customize the interior design of your home. Lighting control systems use dimmers instead of simple on/off switches, giving you a much greater range of light intensity and color options, allowing you to create the perfect lighting scene for any situation.

Do any of these products we’ve talked about spark your interest? To see how a smart home company can make your home a more relaxing, comfortable place to be, call Audio Dimensions’ Oklahoma City office at (405) 752-1115 or fill out our online contact form.


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