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Keep Your Interior Design Clean with Custom Home Finishes

Keep Your Interior Design Clean with Custom Home Finishes

Outlets and Wall Switches – Now You Don’t See Them in Your California Home

Ask home designers how they feel about faceplates, switches, and other electrical wall components, and they’ll tell you that outlets are more than just an eyesore—they’re a necessary evil that obstructs an otherwise seamless and clean design. The standard white faceplates that jut out of the wall draw your eye immediately as if shouting out “I don’t belong here.” But what if you could avoid those eyesores in your Mission Viejo residence with aesthetically conscious home interior finishes? Keep reading to learn how.

Technology and Aesthetics Woven Together

Often, a concern when adding new technologies to your home is that the end result will be a big mess of cables and buttons blaring out from the wall. Instead of admiring your home’s artwork and décor, your guests will look straight at the cords plugged into the wall or the large thermostat that distracts your eye from the strategically-placed paintings.

That’s never an issue when you work with a BRAVAS Partner. Whenever possible, all wiring is run within the walls from one room to the next. We also work with architects, interior designers, and builders to create a smooth design that gives you all the benefits of home automation technology without unsightly cords, faceplates, and control panels. The goal is to highlight the architecture of your home, not detract from it with practical elements.

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Don’t Cover Up the Outlets—Make Them Seamless

The most prominent and visible areas of your walls are where you need outlets to be conveniently located—where they’re easily accessible for plugging in a phone charger, hairdryer, or a small kitchen appliance. The solution to these visual intrusions isn’t to remove them entirely. Instead, make the outlets blend into the design of your home.

Your luxury home has top-of-line countertops, appliances, furniture, and décor. So why would you settle for regular outlet covers? Your BRAVAS Partner is able to install outlet covers that are the same depth, texture, and color as the materials around them. From wallpapered entryways to the backsplash in your kitchen, you replace the shadows and glaring white of traditional outlet covers with clean, flush lines. You can even cover up rarely used outlets completely so that they’re only visible when you need them.

Replace All Your Wall Clutter with a Single Tablet

Light switches, thermostats, fan switches, and more—all the traditional bulky white electrical components that protrude from the walls in each room can be simplified with smart home automation technology. By removing the wall switches and replacing them with an intuitive tablet for control, you’re not only creating a consistent flow and design throughout the room, but also making it easier to manage the different elements of your space.

Home interior finishes go far beyond outlet covers—there are many different ways we can enhance the beauty of your home’s architecture, from strategically-placed lighting to hidden speakers to mirrored TVs that only appear when you want to watch something. To explore the options for your luxury home, contact the nearest BRAVAS Partner today.

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