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It’s All in the Details: How to Achieve the Luxury Feel in Your Home

It’s All in the Details: How to Achieve the Luxury Feel in Your Home

Ditch Standard Blinds in Favor of Motorized Shades

The smallest feature of your home could end up making or breaking the desired atmosphere. You could focus on getting just the right artwork, lighting, architectural finishes, and more in order to create a high-end feel in a space, only to have the overall ambiance thrown out of whack by one misplaced element.

One element in particular that should definitely be on your upgrade list is your home’s blinds. Pre-cut, standardized window shades or blinds have no place in a luxury home. However, even ordering custom blinds can be improved with the use of smart technology. These days, homeowners throughout Mission Viejo, California are enjoying the improved ambiance and interior design offered by motorized shades.

Perfectly Fitted for Your Home

When you walk into a room that has ill-fitting window treatments, those blinds or shades are going to stick out like a sore thumb. “Ill-fitting” refers to more than simply how well the shade dimensions match the window. It also refers to the texture, design, and material used on the shades.

BRAVAS members employ lighting and shading design experts to develop the perfect shading solution for every room. This design plan starts with a conversation about your goals for how you wish to use the space:

  • Does the room need ample sunlight?
  • Will you need to block sunlight for use with media such as televisions?
  • Is maintaining privacy through open windows a concern?
  • Will the room be primarily for entertaining or for personal use?
  • Do you prefer a minimalistic, hidden design or shades that make a statement?

Based on that conversation, we can choose the right material, fabric weave, and installation method to fit your lifestyle and home design.

Make a Statement.

So why do we recommend motorized shades over simply installing custom window treatments? There are many reasons, such as energy efficiency, increased convenience, and improved privacy and security. But one of the things we love most about motorized shades is their ability to actively contribute to the overall ambiance of a room.

Instead of being a necessary evil in a space, you can leverage smart home automation to turn your window treatments into what is essentially performance art. At the push of a button, voice command, or even automatically when you enter the room, the entire ambiance can transform before you. The overhead lights can brighten, the shades can silently lower, your favorite music can start playing out of high-end speakers…Instantly, the room becomes the perfect environment for any given activity.

When someone walks into such a room, he or she will get an immediate impression that you have taken extra care in developing your home into a true luxury space. You’ve thought of the details, and it shows.

Motorized shades are just one of the home interior finishes we can improve with smart technology. To learn about our full design and installation services for luxury homes, contact your local BRAVAS partner today.

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