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Is Home Automation in Houston One Size Fits All?

Is Home Automation in Houston One Size Fits All?

No matter your lifestyle, SES Design Group has the solutions for customizing your smart home

A home is not just a structure, but the people and comforts that reside within – one of which being the technology. Lifestyle technology enables you to control exactly how a room reacts to your presence with only minimal input.  

With years of experience integrating a variety of systems and custom control options throughout the Greater Houston Metro area, SES Design Group is prepared to bring your home automation dreams to life.

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We understand that the best home automation systems are built on strong networks, customization and usability. Therefore our goal is to design a system that is easy to use and makes your home life easier. What are a few ways we can craft a home control system to fit your life?

Want a Green “Eco-Friendly” Home?

Home automation makes lessening your carbon footprint easier than ever! Energy management systems help monitor real-time energy usage from appliances, HVAC, heating and lighting control, even allowing you to conserve resources remotely when you’re away. Motorized shades can also be integrated into a home’s control and automation system and programmed to raise and lower in order to make the most of natural light. Today’s energy-efficient smart home doesn’t have to sacrifice aesthetics. Slightly opaque solar shades can be utilized to keep out harmful UV rays while maximizing views of wilderness preserves, coastal scenes or lush gardens.

Are You a Jet-Setting CEO?

Always on the go? When you travel extensively, have multiple homes and are constantly on the go, a reliable home control backbone is not a luxury, but an absolute must. Your preprogrammed lighting system can interact with your security system to provide the illusion of occupancy even when on a business trip.  Remote monitoring helps you to check on the area in and around your home with CCTVs that are always up and running. Your system can even be custom designed with a digital gate that alerts you whenever a vehicle approaches your home or an electronic lock that brings to your attention when the kids get home from school.

Ever Dreamed of Being a Professional Party Host?

Hosting a gathering should be about enjoying family and friends, not messing with technology.  Move the party from the brightly-lit dining room to a relaxing coffee chat around the fireplace with the simple touch of a button. Just imagine ushering the guests into a dimly-lit sitting room with a flickering flame accented by illuminated pieces of your favorite artwork while classical music slowly fills the room. Now imagine creating that special feel in an instant without playing with four or five dimmers, changing the music or fiddling with the fireplace. Customized home technology makes that possible.

Home automation technology has evolved over the years to provide customized solutions to fit your lifestyle and needs. Whether you desire energy management through automated shades or enhanced security via lighting control – or both – you should work one firm to do it all. Partnering with professionals like SES Design Group helps you consolidate expenses and control with a single point of contact for all of your home technology needs. 

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