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Increase Your Property Value with Smart Home Automation

Increase Your Property Value with Smart Home Automation

Prospective Buyers Will Prefer Homes With Smart Technology Solutions

Beyond the benefits a smart home automation system can bring to your daily life, it can also make it easier to sell your home in the future. A recent study done by Coldwell Banker showed that 81 percent of current smart home owners would be more willing to purchase a home if it already had a technology solution in place. Even those without smart technology experience will get a better first impression once they get to test drive a system. Read on to find out how the right solution can boost the property value of your Mission Viejo, CA home.

Offer Technology Solutions

When it comes to the luxury real estate market, it’s important to take every step possible to make your property stand out. In the past, this meant highlighting your landscaping, architectural features, and interior design. A smart home automation system can give your home an edge by offering built-in technology solutions that can improve daily life and help buyers get the most out of their investment.
If there are competing offers for the home, offering a smart technology solution may push potential buyers to go above the buying price, helping to increase the home’s market value. By working with a professional integrator, you can ensure your system is up-to-date when it’s time to sell. Our partners advise you on the latest hardware and software updates so potential buyers are not presented with an outdated system.

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Preferred Smart Solutions

Some smart home automation features are particularly popular on the real estate market. According to a New York Times piece, many people single out remote control features when purchasing vacation homes. They like the idea of being able to prepare for their arrival before they get there. In general, lighting control, smart thermostats and security systems are some of the most popular features. Smart security systems can even increase property values in an entire neighborhood by decreasing crime rates in the area.

With the rise of the green home movement, effective energy management solutions can also attract buyers. Smart home automation systems can reduce energy waste by allowing the thermostat, lights and shades to work together. For example, the shades can automatically close during the hottest time of day to help keep the home cool.
Home buyers should also know that smart technology can result in incentives or discounts. For example, insurance companies often offer coverage discounts if you have comprehensive security and/or energy management systems in place.

Show Off Your Home

You should also remind your real estate agent that smart technology can be utilized during shows to highlight your home’s best features. With lighting control, for example, it’s easy to find the best settings for each room. Use your whole home audio to play popular music during showings and use intuitive control of your landscape lighting to make your home stand out from others on the block. You can do this by alternating the color of the lights or using certain fixtures to accentuate landscaping, fountains or sculptures.

It’s time to invest in technology that not only makes your home more efficient and beautiful, it increases its inherent value as well. If you want to learn more about how smart technology can transform your home, check out some of our latest articles.

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