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Incorporate Nature into Your Home Interior Finishes

Incorporate Nature into Your Home Interior Finishes

Instill Life and Vivacity in Each Room

Why restrict the beauty of nature to your outdoor spaces? The addition of living walls, hydroponics gardens, and potted plants within the interior areas of modern homes is rapidly growing in popularity among Atlanta, Georgia homeowners, and with good reason. If you would like to embrace the peacefulness and vibrancy that comes from incorporating plants as part of your home interior finishes, then read on. 


Even if you aren’t part of the sustainability movement, greenery in the home offers several notable benefits.

  • Acoustics: Plants act as a natural insulator for high-frequency sound, which make them an excellent addition to open areas that tend to echo.
  • Air Quality: Nothing beats the pure air quality of a home filled with greenery. The plants naturally filter out toxins and air pollutants while improving oxygen levels in the space.
  • Decor: The diversity in plant style, color, and size offers a lot of opportunity for adding the perfect décor to finish off each room.
  • Improved Wellbeing: Many studies have shown that exposure to living plants on a regular basis has a positive psychological and physical impact.


Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why more people don’t incorporate plants as part of their interior design strategy is that keeping those plants looking vibrant and healthy takes a lot of effort. Fortunately, you can use your smart home system to automate everything.


There are many different automated plant watering devices that can easily be added to your existing smart home control system. Once installed, these devices keep plants at the perfect moisture at all times without compromising the design with visible technology.

Window Shades

If your plants are placed in an area with access to natural sunlight, it’s important to ensure that they get just the right amount. Some plants require at least six hours of sunlight, while others will wither if they get more than four. That’s where your motorized shades come in. Simply set the system to monitor how much light is available in the room, and your shades will automatically adjust to block out or let in light as needed.

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Lighting Control

You don’t have to limit yourself to only adding plants next to windows. Rooms without natural light are the ones that would most likely benefit from natural plants the most. To create the health benefits of natural light, you’ll want full spectrum LED growth lights. Set the system with timers, and you have everything you need to keep your plants looking their best.

These same lights can also be incorporated into your lighting design as a way to highlight the room’s décor. In the same way that you would use spotlights to draw attention to paintings or sculptures, you can draw everyone’s eyes to the vertical garden or orchid displays along the wall. LED growth lights come in a variety of colors, shapes, and brightness levels, so they’ll be easy to repurpose for other activities in each room.

With modern advances in smart home automation, there’s nothing holding you back from enjoying plant life in every area of your home. If you’d like to learn more about these technologies or other home interior finishes, don’t hesitate to contact a local BRAVAS partner.

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