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How to Select the Best Window Treatments for Glass Architecture

How to Select the Best Window Treatments for Glass Architecture

Motorized Shades Offer the Best of Both Worlds

The growing popularity of glass walls in modern homes has had an interesting side effect: innovation in the form of motorized shades. Standard window treatments simply won’t look right with this glass architecture, leaving homeowners seeking an alternative way to maintain privacy, block the harmful rays of the sun, and add a décor element to the space. If you have found yourself facing this problem in your Baltimore, MD area home, then read on for a quick and simple guide to creating the perfect look and feel with motorized shades.

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Motorized is a Must

Having floor-to-ceiling glass walls means that managing window treatments manually is not an option. You will never be able to pull the shades to their full height, whereas motorized shades allow the homeowner to adjust the shades at the push of a button. Crafting that perfect environment in each room shouldn’t take extensive effort or time. If you’re enjoying cocktails with friends as the sun sets, a motorized shading solution can automatically lower the window treatments to just the right level to keep the sun out of everyone’s eyes.

Create a Seamless Look

The big problem with many traditional window treatments like blinds or drapery is that it’s very difficult to make them unobtrusive when you want to enjoy the views offered by your large windows. Even when you raise the window treatment fully, it still sticks out like a sore thumb at the top of the glass. 

That’s why we recommend choosing shades that can be completely hidden away. Typically, these shades are roller or honeycomb style. The shades are designed to draw up into the wall above the window so that, unless drawn, you can’t even tell they are there.

Of course, every rule needs to be bent (if not broken) on occasion, so if it makes sense to have drapery as a constant visual in the room, then you have more options regarding window treatment style.

Choose Double Rollers

With glass architecture, your motorized shades are going to serve several purposes. Sometimes, you’ll want the shades to provide complete privacy, while at other times the shades will only be needed to lessen the harsh glare of the afternoon sun. You might want blackout shades in a media room while you enjoy your favorite film, but those blackout shades aren’t always going to be the best window treatment option for the space.

The solution is to install double roller shades. These dual-shading systems allow you to pick two different shading styles: blackout, UV ray protection, view preservation, dim, etc. That way, you can have greater flexibility in creating the best lighting and atmosphere throughout your home.

Whatever style of windows you have, motorized shades are an excellent addition to any home. To learn more about the process of designing and installing the perfect shading solution, contact a local BRAVAS partner today.

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