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How to Design a Bentley that is Uniquely Yours

How to Design a Bentley that is Uniquely Yours

Customization Features Give You Full Control Over Your New Purchase

When you invest in a brand new Bentley, you’re not purchasing a car off the assembly line. You’re commissioning a car hand-built to your specifications. It can take up to 140 hours for your car to be built, including 15 hours on the steering wheel alone. From the stitching on the seats to the color of your wheels, you have control over almost every feature. To get a taste of what it feels like, explore the Bentley Configurator.

A Dash of Color

The British manufacturer offers various shades of black, blue, gold, orange, green, silver, yellow and white. We’d personally recommend going with one of the duo-tone options for a more classic feel. For example, you can go with a tan hood and roof and a black body.  If you don’t like any of the manufacturer options, Bentley’s commissioning department can also match any sample you provide for both the interior and exterior.

The Right Set of Wheels

You’ll have a handful of wheel choices to peruse; you can then decide to have them polished or painted. We suggest a contrast in color between your wheels and car. If you choose a dark color for the car’s side exterior, select a lighter wheel design.  

Styling Your Interior

What kind of design do you have in mind for your interior? You can choose the color-split you want. This determines which features will have a primary color and which will have a secondary color. For example, do you want your armrest to match your seats? What about the door panels? Once you’ve decided on the split you want, you can decide which colors you want to use. In our experience, the most popular options are an all-black or all-tan interior or a black and tan color split. That being said, you can work with Bentley’s commissioning department to choose custom primary and secondary colors.

An Elegant Finish

Bentley offers nine different veneer finishes for your new luxury car ranging from liquid amber to walnut black. We think that the lighter finishes—like the liquid amber or vavona—give your car a more elegant feel. The piano black veneer is also a great option if you’ve opted for a classic all-black interior. Add a veneer finish to other areas of the car including your gear lever and door panels.

It’s All in the Details

You can choose the type of stitching and piping (with or without contrast), adjust or remove the emblem stitching, change the steering wheel color and veneer, and even change the seatbelt color. We recommend playing around with the Bentley Configurator to see how the various options look together. Finish off your design with Mulliner’s Hidden Delights, a colored lining for your storage interiors offered in neon blue, yellow, orange or lime green
Personalize Your Car

Make your car truly one of a kind with custom encryptions and designs. Add your company name or have your monogram engraved onto the car's treadplate and add illumination to the engraving. Create pieces of artwork or recreate your company logo through the use of marquetry which involves applying contrasting pieces of veneer to create shapes or pictures.

Add a Touch of Fun

Enjoy your luxury car in style with the Naim for Bentley 1100-watt sound system along with the Bentley Theater (exclusive to the Mulsanne model) which includes two 10.4” screen tablets, a DVD changer and Wi-Fi to access streaming services.  Finish it off with a custom cocktail cabinet or refrigerated bottle cooler. You can also add picnic tables –drop down tables on your seatback--where you can place tablets or laptops. 


When you’re investing in a luxury car, you want it to be custom built to meet your preferences. It’s time for you to decide, how would you design your dream Bentley?

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