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How to Build a High Performance Audio System

How to Build a High Performance Audio System

Your Atlanta Home Has Never Sounded Better

Your home is a sanctuary that reflects your personal taste and preferences. To make it completely ideal, you cannot forget about the audio. Music helps set the mood. On stressful days, it can help you relax. It can liven up a party, energize you as you work or play, or provide an appropriate background to dinner and conversation.

Whatever the occasion, you want it to be easy to select and play the music you want to hear, and you want it to sound exceptional. Here are some tips and tricks for these two aspects of your home’s high performance audio system. Please read on….

Selecting a Music Manager

A good music manager makes life easier. It will store your entire music collection and allow you to access and control any streaming services you may use. When selecting a music manager for your home audio system there are multiple factors to consider:

  • User Interface: Each music system will have its own method of control. You should make sure that you are comfortable with the interface. Test-driving your system beforehand with a technology professional will help you decide what’s right for you. Also, make sure your choice incorporates your desired streaming services.
  • Integration: If you are living in a home with other smart technologies, you should make certain your music manager will work well with your whole system. This way you can easily create home “scenes,” a collection of commonly used settings for lighting and shading that also include audio. 
  • Room for Growth: Down the road, you may want your music manager to be accessed from more areas around the home. This can mean different music in different areas, or the same music in all areas, depending on your mood and activities. Make sure your music manager has provisions for becoming a “whole house” music source.

The music manager is the source of the music you will hear. The speakers, though, make the biggest difference in how well you will hear it.

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Selecting your Speakers

Choosing the right speakers is critical since speakers make the biggest difference in how your system will sound. Free-standing speakers provide the best audio performance, and come in a variety of sizes, shapes & finishes. But in-wall or in-ceiling speakers blend more easily with room décor, and effectively become hidden speakers when professionally installed. The best of these – especially when matched with a subwoofer dedicated to filling out the sound with powerful bass – are capable of amazing sound.

Another consideration is a so-called “wireless” system for areas where a permanent, hard-wired installation is not warranted. Smaller and with lesser sound quality than the wired systems described above, wireless systems are nonetheless quite popular. These speakers connect via a Wi-Fi connection, and can be easily moved space-to-space in and around your home.

Your local BRAVAS Partner will help you plan & design a speaker system for the best combination of sound and aesthetics, optimized for each space of your home. Contact us today to get started on a high-performance audio system custom-designed for you.

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