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How to Bring Out Your Home’s Style with Elegant Lighting

How to Bring Out Your Home’s Style with Elegant Lighting

Eliminate Unsightly Clutter While Highlighting Your Home’s Best Features

When you’re designing a brand new luxury home, you’ll need to take every little detail into account. From the classical architectural features to the interior layout, it'll all play a factor in your Atlanta, GA home's unique style. Something that interior designers along with their clients often consider is the amount of available natural light, as it’s likely to greatly affect aesthetics. But the artificial light, and how you manage it, will also make a big difference. In this learning piece, we explain how a home lighting control system can help you make the most of your interior design.

Eliminate Unnecessary Wall Clutter

Close your eyes and envision the perfect layout for your living room. There's the immaculate white leather couch, the silk Oriental rug in the center of the room, your brand new pieces of artwork hanging on the wall. You know what you didn't envision? All the switches on the wall. A home lighting control system helps you reduce wall clutter to give your interior design center stage.
You can get rid of switches entirely by managing your lights from an elegant touchpad mounted on the wall or from a sophisticated remote lying on the coffee table. You can also have switches correspond to scenes. Instead of a switch for each fixture, have one that turns off all the lights, one that dims them to a specific setting, or one that turns them off entirely. Place these settings on one of several suppliers’ elegant keypads, which come in various matte or metal finishes. The buttons can then be engraved to fit match your specific scene names and the materials selection is broad and breathtaking.

Create the Perfect Lighting Scenes

To cap your interior design, you need to give it the right lighting. Invest in smart lighting that gives you ultimate control, so you can dim each fixture from 0-100 percent to see what fits best. Turn up fixtures to feature new artwork, expensive furniture or your favorite architectural features. Dim lights to 50 or 60 percent to give your home a warmer feel. You can play around with the options and once you find your favorites, save them into your system as scenes. That way you can pull them back up at the press of a button.

Illuminate Your Outdoor Spaces

A smart lighting design can also help you bring new life to your outdoor spaces. Create a layered design that includes ambient, accent, and walkway lighting. You can then manage each through a touchpad or tablet to make adjustments. Change the colors in your fountain or pool to correspond with your mood or a specific season or switch out the landscape or architectural features you want to highlight at a given time of year. With intuitive control, you can create a versatile lighting design.  

Protect Any Vulnerable Décor

While natural light can boost your style, it can also be damaging to fragile furnishing, carpets or artwork. This can be a limiting factor for designers, as they’re forced to keep these items away from windows.  By incorporating a smart shading solution into your home lighting control, you can take these pieces out of hiding. Install photo sensors that automatically close shades when windows are hit by direct sunlight. This way you can show off your elegant furnishings without worrying about them being affected by sun damage.

Give your luxury home the elegant style it deserves with a lighting control solution that eliminates clutter and makes it easier to manage all of your light fixtures.

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