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How to Boost Your Home Lighting Control with Scenes

How to Boost Your Home Lighting Control with Scenes

Access Multiple Components At Once to Get the Most Out of Your Technology

One of the most important features of your home lighting control system is the ability to manage multiple fixtures at once. Many of these scenes can even be scheduled to occur at a given time every day or be activated by motion sensors, offering hands-free control options. Everything from waking up to watching movies is made easier through the use of scenes. Need some inspiration for your space? Below we describe some of the most popular lighting scenes.

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Welcoming Home

As someone pulls into your driveway, motion sensors by your front gate activate a “Welcome Home” scene. The lights lining your driveway and the major pathway to your front door light up to lead the way inside. You can also have lights in the foyer turn on, so the space is ready when you open the front door. If it's a guest, having the lights turn on in the foyer is also a subtle way to let know a visitor has arrived.

Lighting Your Landscape

Scheduled scenes are particularly useful for outdoor lighting. To make sure your outdoor spaces are properly lit when the sun goes down, you can program landscape lighting fixtures to turn on at a given time every night. Choose the fixtures you want to use to highlight your home’s architectural features or eliminate dangerous unlit areas and have them turn on automatically at 6 p.m.

Waking Up Refreshed

You’re less likely to be groggy throughout the day if you wake up gradually rather than being jolted awake by an alarm clock. You can create a “Good Morning” scene that slowly turns on the lights in the room and opens the shades at 7 a.m. If you’re a deep sleeper, you can also incorporate your whole home audio system to have music playing until you get out of bed.

Having a Family Dinner

Make sure to create quality time with your family every day by coming together for dinner. A traditional "Dinner" scene dims your home’s lights while raising those above your dining table. As the lights go down throughout the house, your family will know it’s time to come down for dinner. The lights above the dining table are programmed to be just bright enough to eat comfortably.

Watching a Movie

Once dinner is finished, why not bring the family together for a movie marathon? Walk over to your media room or dedicated home theater and pull up a "Cinema" scene that dims the lights and closes the shades. In your home theater, the scene could also activate the LED lights on the floor guiding the way to the door.

It’s time to upgrade your lighting control solution to take advantage of smart scenes. With the ability to control multiple fixtures at once, it’s easier to prepare your home for any occasion. To learn more about the benefits of smart lighting, feel free to reach out to a local BRAVAS partner.

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