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How Smart Lighting is Tailor-Made to Fit Your Needs

How Smart Lighting is Tailor-Made to Fit Your Needs

Give Your Space a More Personal Feel with Customized Control

Few things can infuse elegance into your home better than the right type and quality of light. Through a home lighting control system, you can easily manage the lights to showcase the best interior features while improving your day-to-day living. Have direct control over each fixture from the device of your choice and find the perfect settings for your bedroom, media room, and outdoor spaces. Elevate the look and feel of your Houston, TX luxury home by taking advantage of these four customizable features.

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Choose Your Control Device

When you envision the home of your dreams, have you thought about how you would interact with your lights on a daily basis? The possibilities are nearly endless with a home lighting control system. Consolidate access to your lights on a stylish touchpad flush-mounted on the wall. Really like the traditional feel of switches on the wall? Swap out your current ones with smart switches that can correspond to scenes instead of individual fixtures reducing the amount of clutter on the wall and allowing you to easily recall the exact lighting level for the room. Use a tablet or smartphone so you never have to leave your seat to dim the lights.

Customize Your Control Options

After you’ve chosen the control device that makes the most sense, you can personalize it to fit your preferences. If you’re using a touchpad, tablet or smartphone, your user interface can be adjusted to place rooms and scenes you use most on your main screen. Something similar can be done with your wall switches. Each button can be custom engraved to say whatever you want, whether it’s “All Off," "Party" or "Dinner." For your touchpads and switches, you can choose the color and size that best matches your interior design.

Find the Perfect Lighting Levels

With a lighting control system, you can change both the intensity and color of individual fixtures. This offers a much more nuanced approach to your lighting compared to choosing between 60-90-120 watt bulb options to adjust the brightness in each room. For one, smart lighting systems use LED lights that can be dimmed from 0-100 percent.

Bring added warmth to intimate spaces by dimming lights to 50 percent and highlight common areas by brightening lights in your kitchen and living room. Adjusting the color is also a great way to create the right ambiance. You don't need to go big with green or red lights (though those are great options when the holidays roll around). Instead something as simple as adjusting light from white to yellow can help soften your home's interiors.

Create Unique Lighting Scenes

Once you find the right settings, save them into your system so you can pull them up again at the press of a button. Add morning and evening lighting scenes to your bedroom’s wall switches for easy recall. In a multi-purpose media room, use your touchpad to pull up the right lighting for each activity. When you’re watching a movie, a “Cinema” scene closes the shades and dims the lights. A “Reading” scene opens the shades and turns up the fixtures closest to your sofa.

Luxury living is all about customizing your life and style to your individual taste, why should home living be any different? Why should your lighting be any different? Visit one of our local BRAVAS partners to inquire about a custom solution for your home.

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